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Karl Geary is an Irish-born American actor, and author who is recognized as Coffey in the 2008 horror film The Burrowers. He owns a bar in downtown Manhattan named The Scratcher. Also, he previously co-owned another club, the original tiny Cafe Sin-é on St. Moreover, Mark’s Place in the East Village, where he waited on tables alongside Jeff Buckley. Geary has seven siblings. In 2003, he married a Scottish actress Laura Fraser. They have one child, Lila, and live in Glasgow, Scotland. If you want to know more about Karl Geary’s married life, incomes & gains, heights and many more, you should scroll down for more. Who Is Karl Geary? Know Ab0ut His Bio (Wiki) Karl Geary is an Irish-born American actor also a club owner, best known for his acting and writing in Nadja, Hamlet, and Mimic Sentinel. He was also featured in the movie, Sex & the City. https://www.instagram.com/p/7MNjyHDp3W/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Further, Karl was born on 31 May 1972 in Dublin, Ireland. His origin is American and Irish…