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Today’s topic is about a celebrity kid whose name is enough to get an idea about his identity. Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is the eldest son of father Cristiano Ronaldo. Jr plays for the Academy of Juventus where he has already scored 58 times in just 28 games. Whereas his father Cristiano is a professional soccer player who played for teams like Manchester United, Real Madrid and currently Juventus. Jr Ronaldo became the topic of gossip right after the media came to know about his existence. So what is going on in the life of Jr Ronaldo? What about his personal life and Net Worth? To find out continue reading the article below: Eldest child Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was born on June 17, 2010, in San Diego, California. Born to superstar father Cristiano Ronaldo and an unknown mother. The identity of his mother is still a mystery to Jr himself and…