They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, which is certainly true when it comes to the Australian actor Heath Ledger and his daughter Matilda Ledger. She grabbed a massive fan being the only daughter of her celebrity parents Heath Ledger and Michelle. When it comes upon her net worth, Matilda, of course, she holds a massive net worth maintained by her parents. And obviously, she enjoys a lavish lifestyle through her parents’ earnings. Most of Ledger’s parent’s fans and well-wishers are being so curious to find out her boyfriend, or who is she dating at the present? Well, in today’s topic, we will be talking about Matilda’s bio, wiki, parents and her parents net worth. If you guys are interested to know all of the above details then stay tuned with this article until to the end. Who Is Matilda Ledger? Know Her Bio & Wiki (Parents) Matilda…