Who says you need to be associated with the entertainment industry to be recognized in the world. At least Charlie Gasparino proved the whole concept wrong. He is a longtime journalist on Wall Street who has emerged as one of the Fox empire’s more colorful on-air personalities. Charlie brings deep experience in print media. He is a former senior writer at Newsweek, where he broke major stories involving Wall Street and corporate America. His work, The Wall Street Journal was submitted for a Pulitzer in beat reporting in 2002. During that time, he won the New York Press Club award for best continuing coverage of the Wall Street research scandal. Similarly, Charlie has written several financial best-sellers, including The Sellout and Blood on the Street. He also served as a contributor to the Daily Beast, New York Magazine, and Forbes. To know everything related to him including his net worth, age, bio, wife read the whole article. Is Charlie Gasparino Married? Know More…