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Glenn Villeneuve is an American television personality who is famous stars of the dangerous reality TV show, Life Below Zero. He is living an isolated life in the severe cold climates of Alaska along with six other cast members. The show which comprises Sue Aikens, Chip and Agnes Hailstone, Jessie Holmes, Andy Bassich and Erik Salitan manifests its main cast coping with the unforgivable condition of Alaska. Villeneuve literally lives life in thin ice and shared his hunting territory with the wolves which are a silly thing to do unless you are Villeneuve. Stay with us to collects all the information about Villeneuve which include her wife, children, net worth and many more. Keep Scrolling Down!! Glenn Villeneuve’s Bio, Wiki, Age & Education Glenn Villeneuve was born in Burlington, Vermont on August 18, 1969, which makes his age 49. He spent his childhood in the forests and mountains rather than going to school. So, for his education, he…