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Ameera David is not just eye candy on television but her in-depth knowledge on a particular subject displays her intelligence. The middle eastern beauty is also referred to as beauty with brains.

The Award-winning news personality cannot be separated from her work. Her dedication and her work ethic are off the charts. She lives a quality life with her husband and kids. So, what is her salary? And the Net Worth that allows her to create a standard of life. Let’s take a detour into her income and earnings.

Ameera David’s Net Worth. What are her sources of Income?

The 33-year-old News Personality has a staggering net worth of $1 million. Ameera David is the face that is broadcasted to 700 million homes in over 100 countries through her daily show. This gives us the scale of how popular and big she is.

The major source of her income comes from her job as a News Correspondent. In her career as a news correspondent, David has worked for many news outlets giving her the array of experience. From her occupation as an anchor, Ameera David earns a handsome chunk for her contribution in bringing eye-opening news to 700 million homes.

Ameera David (right) hosting a show in the studio with co-host Briana Bel (left)

The average salary of the news anchor falls somewhere between $35,000 to $120,000. So, David might be earning around the same figure as a salary from her job. Now, Ameera is working at WXYZ-TV where her income is around $65,000 annually.

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Want to know more about her Achievements and Awards?

Ameera David is the news correspondent who delivers news that makes sense and reflects on society. For her affirmative contribution to bringing awareness in the community, David received the Best Anchor Award in 2016. This honor was provided to David by New York World’s Best TV and Films.

Ameera became a household name across the globe when she covered the US-led air strikes in Syria, the Boston Bombings, and the Civil Unrest in Missouri. The people can already tell what a responsible anchor and woman she is, by watching her cover this big news.

Know more about Ameera David’s Career

Right after completing her education from Columbia University in 2011, David joined NBC News. During her time at NBC News, she worked as a desk assistant and a producer. Ameera had the responsibility of collecting news, stories, and edit them for the anchors.

With the hard labor, Ameera David got her entry into RT America. RT America is the channel of a global multi-language TV network. Being a global network, RT America helped Ameera to be the household name. She reached new heights after her in-depth reporting as a White House Correspondent.

Not just that, David anchored the program called Boom-Bust in 2015 till she left the station. Boom-Bust became one of the top economic news in the states making her top-most economic reporter. Working with anchor Anu Prakash in the financial news show in RT America also helped her in the later stages of her career.

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Where is she Now? What Happened to Ameera David?

Ameera after her pregnancy took a small break from the media. But after the break, Ameera quickly joined the network. You just can’t keep her away from the news, can you? But upon returning, David left RT Network to join WXYZ-TV of ABC Channel 7.

She is currently working as a reporter with WXYZ-TV and still has the passion to deliver breaking news to the viewers.

Ameera David upon returning to ABC Channel 7 WXYZ-TV

Her House, Cars, and Lifestyle

Ameera is living in Detroit with her husband and children. Any details regarding her house are not known but on average the house price in Detroit is at $65,000. So, we can guess in the current inflation, Ameera’s crib price is at $65,000 or more.

As the topmost reporter, David might be driving a luxury car but no such detail is disclosed. With all the work she’s done over the years and the work she continues to do now will definitely help to increase her wealth to a new height.