Who is Erin Lim Married to? Know about her Married life

How many of you ever entered into a relationship with a partnership because you thought you were in love? Many of you, right? We are going to gush over the star that’s in a relationship today as the pair thought they’re made for each other. Today we are going to talk about E! News correspondent Erin Lim who made a headline in June 2018 involving her love life.

The native of California first generated buzz by hosting The Rundown’s reality series and then about her personal life. Want to know who is her husband? We recommend that you read the entire article to understand all the information in a specific form.

Know about Erin Lim’s Past Relationship

The E! News correspondent Erin Lim has always kept her personal life to herself. Erin was always a secretive kind of person and remained confidential about her own life. There are no details about Lim’s past relationship. Erin, 29, shares a strong bond with her parents and her sister, like any other Filipino-American kid.

Erin Lim
Image: Erin Lim cheering for the game

Maybe it is due to the mixed ethnicity that made her one of the most beautiful anchors of all times. There might be thousands of guys who wanted to date the gorgeous News correspondent, but sadly she is already taken by the man of her dreams. Now, the question is, what is going on between the couple?

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How old is Erin Lim? Age, Birthday & Zodiac

Born in 1990, Erin Lim is currently in her late twenties. Her age is 29 years as of 2019. In addition, she is still active on her career as a TV show host. The Rundown host celebrates her birthday on 14th April every year. Some other famous personalities like Abigail Breslin and Sarah Michelle also enjoy their birthdays on the same day. Similarly, her zodiac sign (sun sign) is Aries. The person born with Aries is ambitious and ready for the most challenging situations. In the same manner, Erin is dedicated to her work even though she faces hundreds of challenges.

Is Erin Lim’s Already Married?

This question has created a humongous buzz in the industry. Rumors of marriage between Erin and her actor boyfriend, Lamorne Morris spread like wildfire once on 27 June 2018 where Lim posted a photo of them on her Instagram vacationing together in France. Many individuals even thought that the couple had eloped for over a year and a half. It was later disclosed, that Erin’s rumor and her supposed husband escaping to Cannes was nothing but a hoax in France.

Although the details about her marriage might be false, Erin was in a relationship with Lamorne. Lamorne and Lim began to date in July of 2016. However, the couple did not make their relationship public until September 2017.

Erin with Lamorne Morris
Image: Erin Lim with Lamorne Morris

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Considering the fact that they’ve been together for over two years, it’s very probable that the duo has planned to upgrade their status to husband-wife. You might think so, right? No. Well, for all the Morris and Lim shipper there is a sad new as the couple might have parted their way out from each other.

As both, the pair have deleted pictures of each other from their respective account. There are no traces of each other in their Instagram profile. This has created a question among her huge fan followers. The couple could be staying far due to their irreconcilable differences, however, until they do not confirm anything about their relationship, the media is unable to claim any details about her relationship status.

Besides, Erin has never been a part of any rumors and controversies.