Who is Dannie Riel Boyfriend? What Happened to in Her Life?

People change, heartbreaks, it heals, that’s the phenomenon of life. You guys must be wondering why today we are talking about love and heartbreak all of a sudden. Well, it’s because today we are going to talk about Dannie Riel who went through quite a hard times in her life yet she has successfully managed to stabilize her life.

With stunning looks and a charming personality, Riel is an Instagram star as well as a social media personality. Additionally, to her fame on social media, she is a model who blogs on the subjects of beauty, lifestyle, and so on. If you want to know more about Riel’s personal life, we suggest you read the whole article.

Dannie Riel’s Past Relationship

Not only does media presentation refine the career of someone, but it also produces rumors and buzz directly connected with the lives of the star. The famous social media star Dannie often faces questions about her romantic life. So, who is the love interest of Riel? Any guesses?

Dannie Riel
Image: Dannie Riel tanning her skin

Dannie never revealed that she had a boyfriend or husband and has always shrunk from the issue when questioned. However, the model briefly dated a guy named Ken Nguyen in 2008. As per the report, Ken was the financial advisor of Dannie.

Dannie Riel
Image: Dannie Riel with her rumored boyfriend

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Some media have says the rumored boyfriend and Dannie were on the verge of getting married after dating for six long years. Before her fairy tale wedding takes place, Dannie and Ken decided to split up. The cause for the breakup of lovebirds may be Ken’s unfaithfulness or anything other reason between them. The silence of Dannie has made the fans even more suspicious.

Dannie Riel’s Current Relationship Status

It’s it surprising that the gorgeous lady like Dannie Riel is currently single. Well, yes guys you read that correct, Dannie is presently single and ready to mingle. Riel’s extreme dedication and focus on her career may also be one of the reasons that she is single. Despite winning the heart of millions of people around the world, she is still living a very much of a single life.

Dannie Riel
Image: Dannie Riel enjoying her vacation

As for now, she is living her single life, by traveling to different places and working in as many ventures as she can. We must say, the famous Canadian fashion model is living the dream life.

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Also, Dannie’s modeling work permitted her to go to exotic locations and experience a sumptuous lifestyle all around the world. YouTube sensation often posts videos on her channel and its travel stories. We must say, looking at her, she is doing just fine with her single life.