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Today we are going to talk about Deborah Fancher, who is a political commentator, political activist, Singer, and an American conservative. Fancher tied a knot with the writer and commentator Dinesh D’souza, an American Indian conservative. Want to know who is the first husband of Deborah?

How many kids does she have? If yes, we suggest you read the rest of the article as the article includes Fancher’s personal life as well as her past life. So, Stay tuned to us until the end.

Who is Deborah Fancher?

Well, as said before, Fancher is a political commentator as well as a political activist and American conservative. She attended Harlingen High School for her further studies. Later, she graduated from New York University, with the major in economics and business management. Her mom is from Mexico, while her dad is from Venezuelan of Spanish and Italian descent, which makes her of a mixed descendant. 

Deborah Fancher
Image: Deborah Fancher with her daugther

Deborah started off her career as a teacher, from 1990-2001, where she taught in a college. Similarly, from 2012-14 Deborah also engaged in the club’s chairman. She is an activist and who often goes to the church for prayers.

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Want to know Deborah Fancher’s Personal Life?

Fancher married D’Souza. As we all know, Deborah is a Venezuelan immigrant. She already had two kids before meeting Dinesh D’Souza. Just like Fancher, Dinesh was also a married man. After finalizing the divorce with Dixie Brubaker D’souza, immidately tied a knot with Deborah. The pair exchanged vows with the father of the U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pastor Rafael Cruz in March 2016.

Deborah Fancher
Image: Deborah Fancher with her husband, Dinesh D’souza

At the age of 10, Fancher came to the United States. When she found some Spanish-language videos of Bill Ayers promoting socialism in South America, she worked for a Republican party in Texas. She reached out to D’Souza to see if he would be interested in them, having lately discussed the contentious leftist, and soon afterward the two started dating. And after that, the rest is history.

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Deborah Fancher’s Past Relationship

Deborah firstly married Karl Fancher. With Karl, Deborah shares two kids, Julienna Fancher, and Justin Fancher. Her son studied at Texas State Technical College. As for now, Justin Fancher previously worked at the Subs of Jersey Mike, The Club At New Territory. There are no details on why the couple split and couldn’t work out on their relationship. However, as for now, both of them has moved on their life with a different partner.


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