The creator of the New York Times best-selling book Genius Foods, Max Lugavere‘s relationship is a question to most of his fans. Lugavere married or not is a big query as he stays silent on the matter. Because of this, many of his followers even guess that he’s gay.

So’ what’s the truth? Is he gay or he already is married and has a secret wife? The author who helped people to eat smart and helping them fight diseases is loved by everyone. Let’s find out more about his inspiration behind genius food and his marital status.

Max Lugavere’s Relationship Status. Does he have a Wife?

The 37-year-old author is very much in a relationship with his work. Other than that, there are no details about his relationship status being taken. As per many sources, Lugavere might be looking for a wife but many also add that he is gay.

This is maybe because of him not involved with any women so far. Most of the time, the multi-talented person work on his book and whenever he has free time, he hangs out with his brother. Lugavere is obsessed with the topic of dementia from which his mother died last winter.

Max Lugavere (right) with his mom Kathy Lugavere (left)


As of now, his only focus is his work and he is currently working on his second book. The best-selling author is looking very comfortable in his singlehood and is not necessarily looking for a wife.

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Max Lugavere’s Genius Foods

His mother Kathy Lugavere suffered from dementia some seven years ago. The incident happened at a dinner table when the author asked his mom to pass the salt. Kathy took some time to pass the salt that is when Max realized something is not right.

After a few months, he and his brother found that their mom is suffering from dementia which is decimating her cognitive functions. Since that day, he became obsessed with the topic and what led to the disease. After traveling the world and meeting experts, Lugavere found food as the major contributor to the disease.

Now, this is the birth of the best-selling book Genius Foods. In an excerpt, as per the book, the three foods are very unhealthy to humans. Firstly, fast-burning carbs can cause a rise in chronically elevated insulin resulting in Alzheimer. Secondly, unhealthy industrial oils resulting in heart disease, dementia, and even death.

Finally, Processed Food Additives resulting in brain disease. Guys, this is just an excerpt from the book, for the details read the book. He also started the podcast called The Genius Life Podcast.

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His Instagram

The author made a commitment to post at least one post on Instagram. He is followed by 329,000 followers and in every post, he tries to pass a message with some meaningful information. All of his Instagram posts include the details about which food to eat to stay healthy.

Not just that, he also regularly posts about his work and interviews on similar topics. Even on holidays, Max hangs out with his brother and gets involved in activities without skipping a beat. Sauna, Workout, Meditation, Protein, and Hydration are key to his daily healthy habits.

Max Lugavere at his house on a typical Sunday

His obsession with solving health-related issues by changing food diet is surely helping many people in the world. Besides this, he is also one of the key members of the Tribeca Film Festival.

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