Quick Facts of Matina Lagina Fornetti

  • Full NameMatina Lagina Fornetti
  • Net Worth$40 Million
  • Marital Status Married
  • BirthplaceRancho Santo Fe, California, United States of America
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • ProfessionProfessional golfer
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Brown
  • Hair colour Blonde
  • SpouseMargeret Olivia Lagina
  • EducationUniversity of Michigan
  • Online PresenceFacebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • ChildrenMaddie and Alex
5 Fact You Should Know About Matina Lagina

Have you ever heard of Lagina siblings? Sure, you must have otherwise wouldn’t search for them right? So, by the topic, you must be aware of the fact that today we are going to talk about Matina Lagina facts and figures.

Lagina or Matina Lagina Fornetti is a popular American reality television personality who has gained prominence over the History Channel, The Curse of Oak Island, and a reality television series. Today we have brought you the five interesting facts about the star so if you don’t want to miss out on him read the rest of the article as it includes everything about Lagina.

Five facts about Matina Lagina

1. By profession, Matina is an Engineer

Yes, guys you read that correct, Matina is an engineer. Along with his stardom, Matina Lagina studied engineering for a degree and practiced in the field as a mechanical engineer who also has a good knowledge of engineering.

Matina Lagina and family
Matina Lagina and family

His mom was also an engineer and she spent several years working for Lake Shore Engineering. Likewise, He has a great passion for the family business. Matina has a straightforward vision for his Mari Vineyards, world-class red wines produced locally in northern Michigan nodding to his ancestor’s Italian style.

2. Matina Lagina is Married to Margeret Olivia Lagina

The wine maven is married to Margeret Olivia Lagina, for more than two decades. His wife, Margaret attended Michigan Ewing High School, graduating from Reuters College. She worked as a geological engineer in Michigan’s Wiser Oil Co. and also worked in Lagina’s engineering business with her husband. They are living a very blissful life together.

3. Matina Lagina’s Family includes two children and his Wife

The family includes two children daughter Maddie, and son Alex with wife Margeret Olivia Lagina. Alex followed his parent’s footsteps in engineering and graduated from the University of Michigan in Mechanical Engineering.

Matina Lagina with his wife Margeret Olivia Lagina

His son also participates in the winemaking family business that has grown into a very good undertaking. As for now, Alex focuses on the growth of the award-winning winery in the company. He joins his father and uncle, Rick in the treasure hunt Island, when he doesn’t work in the winery.

4. Matina Lagina’s Net Worth Is $40 Million

Isn’t it obvious for Matina to have his net worth in millions of figures? Well, it’s the fact that Matina’s net worth is $40 million as of 2019. The 5’8″ tall engineer adventurer makes about $500,000 annually from his business ventures and factories.

Even before starting his career as a TV personality, Matina started his career as a petroleum engineer in Amoco Production Company. During that time was still a law student. However, after running his company for 13 long years, he sold it for $58 million dollars to CMS Energy in 1995. 

5. Matina Lagina is an Ideal Husband

Despite his hectic schedule, Lagina gives his time to his family. Similarly, in many social events, she comes along with his wife and children. Lagina family often goes on vacation and trips. Just like Dani Harmer and Lauryn Kent Lagina is also one of the most popular Tv personalities.