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From Alexa Datt to Alexa Rosenberg, she received good fame from her career as a sportscaster. She is also significantly famous for being the wife of a radio disc jockey Peter Rosenberg. Her successful professional life earned her a staggering net worth and a handsome income.

Rosenberg lives with her husband in New York and lives a comfortable lifestyle. Besides hosting a show called Mets Insider about a New York Baseball team, she also runs other several programs giving her an accumulative of a good salary. If you want to know more about her sources of income, then keep reading.

Alexa Rosenberg’s Net Worth Details

The exact net worth of the sports broadcaster is not disclosed. However, another sportscaster Kay Adams accumulated a net worth of $1 million so’ we can assume that by being in a similar profession, Rosenberg might’ve earned a similar wealth.

Alexa Rosenberg (left) with her husband Peter Rosenberg (right) attending an event

The majority of her wealth comes from her successful career as a sports reporter. As per several online sources in 2018, Rosenberg received a salary of around $19,500 to $214,000. Going by her wealth we can assume, she earned an income of around $50,000 to $100,000 annually.

Not just that, her husband Peter Rosenberg is a famous radio disc jockey. He must be earning a really good sum of money. According to online sources, a radio disc jockey earns around $38,000 to $60,000 per year. This handsome figure of money helps to add more wealth to the couples bank balance.

Alexa Rosenberg’s Career Details

After completing her college education from the University of Maryland, she moved on the career of journalism. Firstly, Rosenberg worked as a production assistant for the show called “America’s Most Wanted”. The show focused on dangerous fugitives and asked them to provide on-camera interviews and voice-over narration.

Alexa Rosenberg reporting for Sports New York

With this successful show, police were able to arrest more than 1,200 criminals. Furthermore, it did well to the community by helping to arrest dangerous criminals. But despite all of this, Rosenberg wanted something more and felt that she didn’t belong there.

With some luck, Rosenberg found what she was looking for. In 2009, Alexa started hosting a segment called Mets Insider for the SportsNet New York Team.

Her Sports Broadcasting Career…

The show format suited her as well because of its magazine-style format. Mets Insider covered different topics in each episode and aired as a bi-weekly program. In the show, Rosenberg talked about player profiles, draft prospects, All-Star Games, and Where are they now?

She received wide fame from her show and people started knowing her more than ever. The sports broadcaster came up with a pun of her own “Datt’s what she said” which became a headline for another program as well. Besides her sports reporting career, she worked on another program called “Covino & Rich” as a reporter and also hosted the “Bleacher Report”.

Currently, she works for MLB Network and runs a show called “12:25 Live with Alexa” where she reports from inside of the stadium. From her own words, She gets more good interesting stories from inside the stadium, especially from passionate fans. One of her favorite fans is a 90-years-old woman who has watched every single game since she started watching the sports.

Her Assets, Lifestyle, House, and Cars

With her and her hubby’s net worth, the couple has accumulated a good amount of wealth. She lives in New York City with her husband in an apartment. There is no information that whether the apartment in which the couple stays is on rent or they bought it.

Peter Rosenberg (right) with his wife Alexa Rosenberg (left) carrying their pet dog

On the current market price, the monthly rent of an apartment in New York City is at $1,125 to $3,000. And to buy it the apartment cost somewhere around $800,000 which is rise in price from last year. Besides that, the couple is adding more assets to their names with an income from their successful career.

She owns a pet dog named Bear and loves to travel. In her Instagram posts, we can see her enjoying her work and meeting a lot of sports star. Not just that, she enjoys traveling with her husband and is often seen doing that. She visited many exotic destinations in Europe like Portugal, Greece, Italy, and many more.

Alexa Datt enjoying her holiday in Italy

There are no details about her car but she must be driving a luxury car which she bought from a successful career.

With her fame continuously growing because of her successful programs, her net worth is also set to rise. From a staggering amount of $1 million, it looks like her wealth is on the rise to double its amount in the coming future.

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