The NFL sportscaster Kay Adams is the host of the Good Morning Football on NFL Network. Not just sports, she has also hosted one episode of Impractical Jokers Nitro Circus. How old is Kay Adams? And Who is she Married to? Or Is she in a relationship or have a boyfriend?

Sports fans around the world are asking the same question. Well, don’t worry guys, today we’re going to dive into the personal life of Popular American Sportscaster to find the right answer.

How old is Kay Adams?

The beautiful Kay Adams is an American sportscaster who hosts  Good Morning Football on NFL Network. She was born on April 6, 1986, in Illinois, the USA with the polish roots and is currently 32-years-old. She was raised by her parents alongside her elder sister Sylvia Wrobel and an elder brother.

Kay maintains her body very well and even now she is only 53 KG with a height of 165 cm. This natural beauty attracts a lot of people but is there someone who she is very attracted to? Let’s find out.

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Who is her Boyfriend? Or Is she already Married?

The arrows of Cupid have reached Kay Adams heart more than once. This natural beauty surely was dating few men back in the days. Kay does not talk much about her personal life and likes to keep it private.

There is not much information about her past relationships but in 2011 Kay herself talked about her boyfriend. In March of 2011, Kay Adams commentated about her partner on Twitter. Adams looked very happy to be in a romantic relationship and her fans were also glad that she found love. However, Kay said that she was not in any relationship now.

In 2012, a year later, Adams went to give an interview with Craig Ferguson on The Late Show and there she opened about her relationship. According to Kay Adams, “her heart was free”.

From this statement, we can derive that she broke up with her boyfriend and is ready to experience love again. And that moment came in 2015 when Paparazzi caught Kay Adams with American Footballer Danny Amendola, is an American Footballer who played as a wide receiver for New England Patriots. Now, he plays for Miami Dolphins in National Football League as the side player. The fans also recognize him that way now.

Danny Amendola (right) with his girlfriend Kay Adams (left) after the NFL game.

Kay, who is a sportscaster focusing mostly on football so, this should not come off as a surprise that she is dating a footballer. The fans of both of the celebrities were speculating about their affair when Adams and Danny were spotted at the “2015 ESPY Awards”.

What happened to Kay Adams and Danny Amendola? Find out Kay’s current relationship status

News started flowing around about their affair and after some time the couple called it off. Any information regarding when their love started or ended is not known. It is now 4 years to the news and the beautiful sportscaster is still not spotted with anyone.

Kay Adams (right) enjoying a football match with her friends.

She is surely not married and does not have a secret husband. So, as long as Adams herself does not mention anything about her relationship status. We can assume Kay Adams is single and does not have a spouse or boyfriend.