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Golfer Phil Mickelson wife Amy Mickelson gave birth to the couple daughter Amanda Brynn Mickelson on June 21, 1999. She is the eldest daughter of the pair and we have to say, a very lucky child to have such a devoted father. Want to know about her Personal Life?

Everybody who follows Golf or knows Phil can vouch for this; that he always puts his family first before his career. This happened so many times in his career. On the other hand, Amy Mickelson is also very supportive as she goes to the distance to show her love and support for the family. Let’s know more about Brynn Mickelson’s personal life, shall we?

Amanda Brynn Mickelson Loving Father Phil Mickelson

The teenage daughter of Phil completed her high school two years earlier and now attending college. Phil puts his family first before his Golfing career. For instance, after completing the education, Brynn had a big graduation ceremony in Carlsbad.

Amanda Brynn Mickelson (left, in the red dress) with her siblings and mother at her Father’s golf match

Phil’s US open tournament dates were clashing with his daughter’s graduation ceremony. US Open tournament is one which Phil Mickelson has not won yet; he finished runner-up six times before. But he left the tournament and attended the ceremony.

When asked about his decision in an interview, he said,

“There’s just really no way to make it, no matter what the tee time is. As you get older and you share these moments, you realize the greatest moments in life are those spontaneous moments with your family. And this is one of those moments that I’ll cherish forever”.

Roberto Diaz played the tournament in his place. Furthermore, in 2013 as well, he left the match and went on Amanda’s middle school graduation.

Phil Mickelson concentrating on his game at the PGA tour

Amy Mickelson and her Breast Cancer

As reported by ESPN in 2009, Amy Mickelson suffered from Breast Cancer. Phil pulled out from his PGA tour and stood by his wife. In the championship, he would’ve played opposite Byron Nelson and Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods addressed the sad time in Phil’s and family life. He said,

“Elin and I are deeply saddened to hear the news about Amy. Our thoughts and prayers are with her, Phil, the children and the entire Mickelson family”.

Amy Mickelson and her husband Phil Mickelson after the treatment of Breast Cancer


As of now, she is perfectly fine and still goes to her husband matches to support him. Besides this, Amy is involved in fundraising for the research of breast cancer and also she is an author who penned down a book named One Magical Sunday.

Amanda Brynn Mickelson’s Personal Life and Family

Born on June 21, 1999, Brynn is the eldest daughter of Amy and Phil Mickelson. However, she is not alone in the family as Brynn has two siblings. Sophia Isabel Mickelson and Evan Samuel Mickelson who are still in school.

(From right to left) Amanda Brynn Mickelson, Phil Mickelson, Amy Mickelson, Evan Samuel Mickelson, and Isabel Sophia Mickelson with PGA trophy

Besides this, Amanda is very intelligent and Phil says he learns from her every day. Brynn Mickelson went to Asia at the height of 10,000 feet above sea level to teach poor students. Isn’t that great?

Like her dad, Brynn is also very supportive of her father and can be spotted at some tournaments. We could not find any of her social media maybe she is not a user of that.

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