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Andre Agassi

Short Description Of Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi is an American retired professional tennis player. He is named as the greatest service returner in the history of the game. Andre is best known for his strong and smart playing style. The BBC described him as one of the greatest playing sportsmen.


Agassi won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 1992. More victories soon followed with the famous face Agassi in the U.S. Open Win in 1994 and Australian Open Win in 1995. Being popularized all over the world the famous tennis player Agassi retired in 2006.

Andre Agassi’s Early Life And Education

Agassi was born on Las Vegas to Emmanuel Agassi and Elizabeth Agassi. Agassi father Emmanuel stated that his son is from a mixed Armenian heritage. At the insistence of his father, Andre first picked up a racket when he was a toddler. His father worked as his first coach making him practice for an hours or more in the old home at Las Vegas. In his teenage, he stopped his education level in order to give more priority for sports and train full time so he moved to Florida where he joined a tennis academy.


Andre was supposed to stay there for just three months as his father could only afford it but at the academy, after watching his game for half an hour he was offered to play at free of cost. When he was at the age of 16 he thought it was the right time for him to compete and show his talent. Agassi became a professional player in 1986.

Andre Agassi’s Career

Talking about the career of Andre Agassi, he at the age of 16 competed in the first tournament in California. He won the first match but wasn’t able to win the second one. By the end of the year, he was ranked in the 91st position among the tennis player all over the world. Though he was in 91st position at the first session he ended his second session at 25th position. Winning those two tournaments wasn’t enough for Andre to develop his career so, immediately after winning the second tournament he won other six tournaments. Agassi took the top spot at the U.S. open in 1994 and won the Australian open in 1995. Later Andre’s grand slam tournament breakthrough came at Wimbledon, not at the French open or the U.S open where he previously had a success.

During 1997 Andre went through a difficult stage both professionally or personally. That year he failed to win any tournaments and that causes the effect in his position. Then he started taking drugs but he explains taking drugs occurred accidentally in magazines. Andre made an impressive come back with more enthusiasm maintaining his previous records. He then started focusing on his game and target again. Andre’s health didn’t support him due to which he should quit from sports. In 2006 Agassi played for the last time where he said an emotional goodbye to the game and his fans and followers who packed the stadium to see his last match.

Andre Agassi’s Personal Life

Knowing Andre Agassi personally, he dated an American entertainer Barbra Streisand. Barbra was twenty-eight years older than Agassi. He married Brooke Shields.


Then he again married Steffi Graf. They both have two children together.

Andre Agassi’s Strategies & Net Worth

Knowing about the body statistics of Andre he weighs 82m kg and is 1.80 m tall. He has got dark brown eye color with Bald hair. One of the famous tennis player Agassi net worth is estimated to be around $175 million.

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