Quick Facts of Kathleen Hetzekian

cyrinda foxe

Early Life and Upbringing

Cyrinda Foxe was born Kathleen Victoria Hetzekian on February 22, 1952, in Santa Monica, California, to Armenian immigrant parents who had escaped the Armenian genocide. Foxe was an army brat, moving around a lot in the country due to her father’s military career.

cyrinda foxe
Iconic beauty and rock muse, Cyrinda Foxe, radiates glamour. Source: Instagram

Her childhood was basically unstable, with an abusive home. Foxe finished high school against all odds.

Move to New York City and Name Change

After high school, she briefly stayed in Texas, moving to New York City in the early 1970s. She worked with legendary actress Greta Garbo and changed her name from Kathleen Hetzekian to Cyrinda Foxe. She haunted the nightclub Max’s in Kansas City, which was between artists and musicians.

Publicist for Main Man and Relationships

During his time in New York, Foxe worked as a publicist and switched into service with MainMan, the management company for English singer-songwriter David Bowie. At MainMan, Foxe would conduct affairs with David Bowie and James Williamson, guitarists of the proto-punk band The Stooges.

She also appeared in the promotional video for Bowie’s 1972 single “The Jean Genie.” Foxe’s work with MainMan and her relationships with these rock stars could be said to have helped her gain a foothold within the emerging New York punk and counterculture scene.

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Marriage to David Johansen and the New York Dolls

Her interest in counterculture and rock ‘n’ roll music brought Foxe very close to the proto-punk band New York Dolls. In 1977, after years of courting, Foxe married David Johansen, the lead singer of the Dolls.

cyrinda foxe
Cyrinda foxe and David Johansen. Source: Pinterest

Their marriage did not last long, as Foxe divorced Johansen in 1978.

Relationship and Marriage to Steven Tyler

Soon after divorcing Johansen, Foxe embarked on a tumultuous relationship with Steven Tyler, lead singer of the hard rock band Aerosmith. Foxe and Tyler married in 1978 and had a daughter, Mia, that same year.

The marriage quickly soured, however, with allegations of physical abuse surfacing and Foxe divorcing Tyler in the mid-1980s, just as Aerosmith was about to rebound with some of its most popular work.

Acting Career and “Bad”

In 1977, the same year she married Johansen, Foxe appeared in a supporting role in Andy Warhol’s notorious film “Bad.” Easily her best-known acting credit, though she herself did very little other acting in her lifetime.

cyrinda foxe
Glamour and grit are personified by Cyrinda Foxe.                Source: Pinterest

Memoirs and Legal Battles

In 1997, she published a memoir, “Dream On: Livin’ on the Edge with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith,” co-written with Danny Fields. She accuses Tyler in that book of being physically abusive during their marriage. This resulted in a lawsuit, as Tyler filed an injunction to stop Foxe from publishing nude photos of him in a proposed paperback edition of her memoir.

Tyler won his case in 1999. Undeterred, Foxe later started a website in 2000 to sell nude photos of Tyler, but it was shut down by the end of that year.


Cyrinda Foxe died on September 7, 2002, aged 50, from an inoperable brain tumor. Her death marked the end of a life that was marred by fame and turbulence in the rock music scene of the 1970s and 1980s.


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