Quick Facts of Bella Cuomo

To born into a celebrity family is always a blessing as they can easily get fame without doing hard work. Similar is the case with Bella Cuomo who is the daughter of Chris Cuomo and Cristina Greeven Cuomo. Her father is an American television journalist and her mother is a magazine editor.

The 19 years old Bella rightfully enjoys the wealth amassed by her parents. Her father Chris’s net worth is around $9 Million as of 2019.

Bella Cuomo Bio

Bella Cuomo was born in 2000 in the United States to Chris Cuomo and Cristina Greeven Cuomo. She is the granddaughter of Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo. Likewise, her uncle is Andrew Cuomo and her aunts are Maria Cuomo Cole, Margaret I. Cuomo, and Madeline Cuomo.

bella cuomo with her siblings
Bella Cuomo with her siblings, Picture Source: hookinmouth

Bella is the elder sister of Mario Cuomo and Carolina Regina Cuomo. As of 2021, she is 21 years old.

Her Relationship Status

No, Bella Cuomo is not dating any guy at the moment. Currently, she is focusing on her studies. Though the star is currently single, as time passes by she will probably date a guy of her choice. On the other hand, she shares a loving relationship with her parents.

Apart from Bella’s love life, her parents Chris and Cristina are perfect examples of a happily married couple. The duo married on 24th November 2001. Their wedding ceremony was held in the Catholic ceremony in the presence of their family and friends.

Cristina Greeven with her husband
Cristina Greeven with her husband Chris

Since their wedding, the husband and wife are living a happy life. In addition, from their loving relationship, the couple blessed is with three children Bella, Mario, and Carolina. As of now, Chris and his spouse are living a blissful and joyful life in Manhattan along with their kids.

Cuomo’s Net Worth

As we already mentioned Bella Cuomo rose to fame because of her parents so there are no details about her career. Currently, the star enjoys the combined wealth amassed by her parents. Her father Chris’s net worth is $9 Million as of 2019.

Chris earns a tremendous sum of money from his career as an American television journalist. He currently works at CNN. There he presents Cuomo Prime Time which is a regular weeknight CNN show. Working at CNN he earns the average salary of around $69,468-$101,984 annually.

Before working at CNN Chris worked as a co-anchor of the weekday edition of New Day. In addition, throughout his career, Chris covered the war on terrorism, embedded on multiple occasions in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Besides this, her mother Cristin amasses a decent amount of money from her profession as a magazine editor.