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Isn’t it amazing to find the love from the same field that you work in? Today we are going to talk about the fairytale wedding of a reporter Carley Shimkus and her husband Peter Buchignani¬†who found the love from the same studio.

How are things going between the couple after marriage? Any plans to start a family? If you are one of the Shimkus fans and have a similar question regarding her, then this article is for you. Well, without further ado, let’s get the inside story of the gorgeous reporter.

Carley Shimkus’ Married Life with her Husband

On Carley’s 23rd birthday, Shimkus and her businessman husband, Peter Buchignani met and right then they instantly hit it off. Before tying a nuptial knot, the couple dated for about two years.

Carley Shimkus
Image: Carley Shimkus with her husband
Source: Instagram

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Then on 8 August, 2015 Carley walk down the aisle with her husband in New Jersey. In the morning, the former model announced her marriage to Imus. Her spouse graduated from Princeton University in Political Science. As for now, Carley Shimkus is living the best days of her life with her husband. Carley said they were enormous Michigan Football fan and on their wedding day they even went out to battle on a Michigan song.

Carley Shimkus & Peter Buchignani Shares Children?

The pair so far does not share any children as they are still not ready to start a family due to their busy schedule. She frequently uploads photos on her Instagram with her husband, where we can undying love for each other. Shimkus is presently serving as a 24/7 Fox News Channel headline journalist with news on multiple areas, and her husband Buchignani is working as a sales analyst at Amherst Pierpont Securities.

Image: Carley Shimkus & Peter Buchignani enjying their Vacation
Image: Carley Shimkus & Peter Buchignani enjoying their Vacation

So far, the pair is living a happy life and hasn’t faced any controversy and let’s hope to hear the good news about the couple starting a family fairly quickly. The couple has already spent three years together, and with the passing days, they are growing more stronger than ever. Both of their social media sites are full of each other’s picture, giving a couple of goals. They seem to be doing a good deal of traveling around the globe and exploring new places.

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Carley Shimkus’ Past Relationships

Unlike any other celebrities with multiple relationships history, Shimkus doesn’t have any. Carley was just 23 when she met her present husband, and before she could date any other guy, Shimkus fell in love with Peter. Before, Peter, Carley Shimkus was solely busy in her career rather than any sort of relationship.


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