“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No it’s Dean Cain“. The phrase might sound familiar and why not Mr. Cain played Clark Kent/ Superman in the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. From his football playing days to acting, he built a successful career. This helped in earning a staggering $6 million of net worth and a handsome income annually.

Not just that, Superman is continuously working since 1976 thus, helping him add more to his wealth. Cain acts in films and TV series as well as host the TV shows too. Do you want to know more about Dean Cain’s sources of income? Then, read along.

Dean Cain’s Net Worth Details

With disappointment in his football career due to a knee injury, Cain turned to act in movies. This helped him earn $6 million which shows how successful he has been. The movies are his major source of income which adds to his wealth.

Dean Cain with Teri Hatcher in their hit TV show Lois & Kent

According to, the average salary of an actor in films is at $50,000. Cain might’ve received a similar payment at the beginning of his career but with time and his experience he might be receiving more. Similarly, the average salary of an actor on TV shows ranges from $10,000 to $35,000 per episode.

As there are no details about Cain’s annually income from TV shows, we can assume he might be receiving a similar amount.

Dean Cain’s Career Details and Tax Payment

He began his career in 1976 with the film called Elmer where he played the character of Dean Russell. That was just the start of his acting career, little did he know he would go on to become Superman. Prior to the start of his film job, he played football for Buffalo Bills; Injury halted his progress in the sport.

In addition to his blooming roles in his profession, he reached the height of popularity in 1993. The year he took the responsibility to save the world by wearing the red cape. He featured in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as the main lead.

The show accumulated 15 million views per episode bringing in more revenues for the production house. In his career, he featured alongside the likes of Denzel Washington, Teri Hatcher, Melissa Benoist to name a few.

In recent years, Cain worked in shows like I Am…Gabriel, Man Camp, Supergirl, God’s Not Dead, Vendetta, and many more. In 2019 as well, he is featuring in big projects which are currently on the post-production. But his last appearance on TV was in Supergirl.

His Political Views and Tax Payment…

Like all the Americans he is obliged to pay Federal and state taxes. Because of his income ranges his tax bracket is also big. His annual income ranges more than $100,000 which leads to the tax bracket of 24% to 32%.

This means in every $100,000 income he can only take $75,000 home. In 2016, Cain supported current US President Donald Trump in the election. Despite being in the free country and with the freedom of choosing their candidate, Cain came under criticism for his pick.

Dean Cain discussion about his support to Donald Trump in an interview with Larry King

For that he said,

“I am fully pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-full equality. But there should be equality of opportunity, not of outcome. I’m not Republican rather I am an independent who vote for the candidate I like best”.

Dean Cain House, Lifestyle, Properties, and Assets

The 58-year-old lived in many exquisites locations in his life. He lived in places like Mount Clemans, Malibu with his family. The house prices in Malibu starts from a million dollars. With millions of dollars in the bank account, the actor is living a luxurious lifestyle.

Cain is a fun-loving dude and likes to hang out with his friends. Furthermore, he travels whenever he gets time. He visits exotic locations with his family in order to re-charge his mind.

Dean Cain (third from right) with his friends at the dinner in Ibiza

Not just that, this guy loves to fly, literally in a plane which he pilots himself. He listed many properties to his name as per sources and with the coming years, it is bound to increase. In the form of his investments, houses, cars, and cash, the list of his assets is likely to grow in the coming years.

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