Quick Facts of Drew Beachley Hubbard

  • Full NameDrew Beachley Hubbard
  • NicknameDrew
  • Marital Status Single
  • BirthplaceUSA
  • Nationality American

Have you heard about the power couple Stephanie Ruhle and Andy Hubbard? Stephanie is an MSNBC news anchor, and her husband Andy is a co-CEO at HausMart, which is a technology company. Did you know they have three children, Reese Hubbard, Harrison Hubbard, and Drew Beachley Hubbard?

In this post, we will be talking about one of their children Drew Beachley Hubbard who got instantly famous because of her parents. To know more about her, keep on reading.

Drew Beachley Hubbard’s Family Background

Drew Beachley Hubbard was birth in the year 2013. She is the third child of the famous duo Stephanie Rhule and Andy Hubbard. Drew is nine years old as of now.

Drew Beachley Hubbard with her family
Drew Hubbard posing alongside her family Photo Source: Affair Post

The celebrity kid has two siblings, Reese Hubbard and Harrison Hubbard. All three children seem to be really close to each other. From the constant photos Stephanie posts on her Instagram, they spend quality time with each other.

Drew Beachley Hubbard’s Parents’ Marriage Details

Drew Beachley Hubbard’s parents, Andy Hubbard and Stephanie Leigh Ruhle are happily married. The duo was married back in 2002. The wedding ceremony was privately held at the church in front of the bride and groom’s close friends, family members, and relatives. 

Stephanie Ruhle with her husband Andy
Stephanie Ruhle with her husband Andy Source: Instagram @stephruhle

Stephanie has only dated one guy all her life, who is her husband now. The couple met at a training program at Credit Suisse, where Stephanie worked, and eventually married after dating for 2 years. They have been married for 20 years now, and the couple is just going strong in their relationship with no sign of any trouble. Adorable pictures of Stephanie with her husband surface on the internet time and again.

Drew shares a wonderful relationship with her parents. Stephanie frequently posts pictures with her daughter on her Instagram account. In spite of the busy schedule of her parents, they still spend a lot of quality time together. They often travel together and actively participate in Halloween every year.

Net Worth

As the youngest child of the power couple, Drew Beachley Hubbard is too small to pursue her career in any profession and have earnings of her own. Despite that, she is living a luxurious lifestyle, all thanks to her parents.

As per reports, Andy’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. It was noted that Andy would earn a salary of more than $170 thousand per month when he worked for UBS O’ conner as a managing director. Without a doubt, Andy must be earning wages more than that now as a co-CEO at HausMart.

On the other hand, Stephanie also earns a hefty amount of remuneration from her professional commitments. Her estimated net value is around $5 million. She earns a lot by being a news anchor for MSNBC, where the average salary of an MSNBC news anchor is $66,410. But, some source has stated her annual income is more than the average of $105,353 per year as a news anchor. Apart from this, she has also appeared on magazine covers.

Assets and Expenditure

Concerning her wealth, they must be living a luxurious life.  They live in a four-story townhouse near Manhattan, which they bought for $7.5 million in 2016. The family spends most of their income frequently traveling to exotic locations with their children.

Million-dollar house of Stephaine Ruhle four-story townhouse on the Upper East Side. Picture Source: Observer


In addition to traveling, they also attend various parties. Stephanie can be seen wearing designer clothes at various events. Undoubtedly, the power couple, along with their children, are definitely living their life to the fullest.

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