Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a fitness influencer and one of the most followed social media star. After eight years of struggle and believing in herself, she has reached where she is now and is loved by so many people. To reach this height, she has struggled a lot. Let us know about her struggles and successes.

Emily Skye
Emily Skye

Fitness worth Quadrant Private Equity

Skye is freshly in the news for her partnership with Quadrant’s Fitness & Lifestyle Group. This will be advancing a huge difference in her fitness career as she is rising day by day.

It is a tremendous appointment as it is worth $750 million gym brands like Goodlife Health Clubs, Fitness First Australia, and Jetts Australia the private equity giant.She is very comfortable with the deal and said,

“I’m kind at the social media side of things and that is something they really want to do a lot more of, and we will work on partnerships for gym memberships and they’re also looking to expand into Asia as well. So we think it is a very complimentary deal.”

Ran through depression

When Emily was in her teenage days, she was a bit unique than her friends. Her thinking did not match the mainstream society. Hence, she had depression and wanted to suicide.

The main reason for her depression is said to be because of disordered eating and bullying. When she was eleven years old, she had to take the anti-depression medicines.

She shared, “In grade school, they’d make frog noises when I walked past because I had big eyes, and they called me Stick Creature because I was skinny.”

Emily Skye
Emily Skye

Found her best track

When Emily was 24, she went through a fitness magazine. Then she was so carried away by it that she decided to pursue her career in fitness. She said,

“The women seemed so strong and healthy. I loved the idea of using weights to transform your body, to look and feel powerful.”