Quick Facts of Eyob Britton

Eyob Britton

Eyob Britton is the celebrity son of an American actress, singer, and producer, Connie Britton. Further, he is the adopted son of Connie. Moreover, Eyob is currently enjoying his happy life with his mother by attending his primary education life. Apart, he is only a child of an actress, Connie who is raising him as a single mother. Further, she is very protective and concern about his physical and psychological growth so, she usually keeps him away from media and public attention.

Eyob Britton usually known as Yoby was born in 2011. Moreover, after the loss of both the parents later, Connie adopted him in 2011 from Ethiopia. However, we don’t have exact news about his date of birth and original parents’ name yet. Eyob was just one year during his adoption and now he might be 9 years. When the interviewer asked about adoption  his mother, Connie  stated:

My son is adopted from Ethiopia so I always say I can take very credit, but he, from the beginning, just inherently has had such an open and curious heart and love of life

Apart, right now, he is living a happy life with his mother and spending his quality time with his mother’s family member. As he is growing up with sound health and happy playing with his friends in primary school without any tension.

Enjoying a lavish Lifestyle

Eyob Britton is just 9 years old, he didn’t earn any money yet. But, her mother has earned a lot of hefty amounts of money to provide him a lavish lifestyle. Moreover, he is the only child of the famous actress, singer, and producer. She is famous for her acting in the movie Friday Night Lights along with Billy Bob ThorntonGarrett Helden, and Tim McGraw.

Eyob Britton enjoying his lavish lifestyle with mother Connie Britton.
Eyob Britton enjoying his lavish lifestyle with mother Connie Britton. Image Source: US Weekly

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Connie’s estimated net worth is $8 million. Moreover, she also gets a salary of around $100 thousand per episode for her appearance in television shows. Moreover, he and his mother are living in the house at Mediterranean Villa in Los Angeles which she brought in 2017 at a real estate price of $3.1 million.

The beautiful house of Connie in Los Angeles is ready for sale at a real price of $16 million.
The beautiful house of Connie in Los Angeles is ready for sale at a real price of $16 million. Image Source: Pinterest

However, there was news back in 2019 that she is going to sell her Los Angeles 1920s house. After, she renovated the house, the price of a house for sale rise to $16 million.  The house situated at 4,100 square feet with three floors including a four-bedroom and three-half bathroom. Unfortunately, the exact news the sale of the house yet to reveal.

Personal Details of Eboy

Well, it is clear that he is living a single and happy life with his mother right now. As he is too young for dating someone and being a relationship. He is very close to his mother and often seen hanging out with her and attending programs. Apart, his mother’s love life is very complicated. She was once married before his adoption.

Connie with his ex-husband, John Britton
Connie with his ex-husband, John Britton. Image Source: Pinterest

His mother was once a married woman. She married her college sweetheart, John Britton in 1991.  However, their relationship didn’t last for long, and couples finally divorce each other in 1995. Since then she is living a happy single life. Currently, she is waiting for the right man for her and her child who can love both of them. During an interview, she also talked that she wished her son to have a perfect father by saying:

I have faith that I’ll find that. It’s just in a different order. I’ve always hoped to find a man that will be a great husband and father

Currently, she is just focusing on her child’s physical and psychological growth. She tries to spend her much time with her child which can develop a great understanding and respect between each other for their good relationship.