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The 64-year-old American singer Emi Canyn married Motley Crue’s lead guitarist Mick Mars for a brief period of time. Emi Canyn on February 25, 2017, passed away. Her death was natural.

Before her death, Who was Emi Canyn Married to? What was her relationship status like? Here, we are going to answer all the question related to Emi and Mick Mars married life.

Emi Canyn Married Mick Mars. Know about the Wedding

The singer Emi married Motley Crue’s lead guitarist Mick Mars in 1990. Emi and Mick dated for some years before exchanging wedding vows. Canyn started dating Mick in June 1987 after meeting him in the music tour.

Mick Mars (second from right) with his wife Emi Canyn (third from right) with all other band members

The pair felt an instant connection towards each other and the love blossomed between them. Emi and Mick dated for two years before getting engaged with each other in 1989. After a year of staying together, the pair decided to take it to the next level.

Emi tied the knot with Mars in 1990 in an intimate affair. The event was attended by a few guests but not much is revealed about the auspicious wedding.

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Emi Canyn Divorced…

After two years of her marriage with Mick, the couple went through difficult times in their relationship. Their marriage did not survive for more than two years and on April 29, 1993, the pair started living separately.

Emi Canyn divorced her husband Mars in May 1994. However, the reason for their divorce is not known. During five years of living together, the duo never welcomed any child in their life.

Emi Canyn at her Rock-N-Roll concert

What happened to Emi Canyn after the Divorce?

After the divorce, there are no reports of Emi Canyn relationships. As per reports, Emi did not involve in any affairs after the divorce with Mick Mars. She continued her career as a singer and earned many credits to her name. Canyn passed away on February 25, 2017, due to natural causes.

On the other hand, Mick Mars dated many women after his split with Emi. After his relationship ended with Emi, Mick dated Robbie Mantooth from 1995-2004. The affair did not turn into marriage even after nine years of together and they did not welcome any children together.

Currently, Mick Mars is in a relationship with the Swiss model Fai McNasty. She is a 34-year-old Swiss Personality and the couple is dating since June 1, 2007. Fai and Mick locked eyes with each other at the Motley Crue concert in Zurich. McNasty was 23-years-old back then.

Fai McNasty the current girlfriend of Mick Mars (at the back)

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Emi Canyn Children

There are no reports of Emi Canyn giving birth to a child. But Mick Mars from his previous relationship with Sharon Deal has two children named Stormy Deal and Les Paul Deal.

Not just that, Mick also has one more kid named Erik Mars but the mother of the child is not known. So, many fans and the media are speculating if Emi Canyn is the mother of Erik Mars. But there is no proof as of now to say precisely that Emi is the mother of Erik.

These are just rumors floating around and might not be confirmed until Mick Mars talks about it.


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