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There is a saying  Good people die soon because even God wants their presence by their side. Today’s article is about a similar celebrity who was loved and respected by millions but died soon. If you are a Day time show fan, then you must have already guessed the name of the actor. He is none other than Gerald Anthony.

Anthony, an Italian descendant, was a popular name in a day time Show.  He rose to fame after playing the role of Marco Dane in ABC soap opera One Life to Live, which aired from 1977-1986. Gerald is considered as a Genius in Imagination by his colleagues. He was married to American actress  Brynn Thayer. Unfortunately, he died at an early age of 52.

Gerald Early life

Gerald Anthony, born in Pennsylvania on July 31, 1951, was brought up in Pittsburgh by his Italian Immigrant parents. He got fascinated by arts and drama from an early age. After graduating from High school, Gerald traveled to West Coast, which at that time considered to be the Hippie trail during the 1950s.

Gerald during his early days as an actor.
Gerald during his early days as an actor. Source: General hospital Fandom.com

Gerald attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he found a path to pursue his passion for acting. Soon after graduation, he formed his own theatre company while continuing his study of drama at the University of Washington and Temple University. Later, he moved to New York to make his big in Hollywood.

Was Gerald Anthony Married?

Gerald married American actress Bryn Thayer in 1981 in a private ceremony. The couple first met during the shoot of ABC soap show One in a lifetime where they cast as the lead actors. After a few meetings, they eventually fell in love.

Gerald with his partner Bryn Thayer
Gerald with his partner Bryn Thayer. Source: Book Connection

Their marriage, however, didn’t last long, and just after 3 years, they ended their marital life in 1984. Moreover, the reason behind their divorce is still a mystery among fans and media. The couple also didn’t share any children.

After divorce, Gerald remained single till his last breath. However,  some sources claimed he was in a relationship with few personalities, but no official confirmation has come about it. On the other hand, his ex-wife married to award-winning producer David Steinberg who produced sponge bob Squarepants. They tied the knot in 1994 and are currently together for two decades.

Early Demise

Gerald died at the age of 52 on May 28, 2004, at Butler, New Jersey. However, the reason behind his death is still not sure, but different sources gave their own perspective on his death. Some claimed his death was sucide because of extreme loneliness, and others stated Gerald died due to an accident.

Bryn left the world in 2004.
Bryn left the world in 2004.

Despite all those rumors, recently, one of Gerald’s colleagues confirmed the reason behind his death as Heartattack. His death was shocking to his friends and fans since he was considered to be a lively person who lived his life with humor and honesty. After the death of “One Life to live “lead actor, fans mourned for him, and until now, his fan base hasn’t decreased.

How Much Net worth Did Gerald hold?

Gerad’s net worth is calculated at approximately $2 million, which he accumulated from his movie and direction career. He earned a decent sum during his lifetime from his appearances in the TV series. Further, it assumed, he made $100,000 per episode from daily soap opera.

He was popular among fans for his role as Dave in “One Life To Live.” During the starting of the show, he was not approached as the regular, but after seeing his chemistry with other co-actors, Gerald approached for the lead cast for the Tv show.

Gerard Anthony career

Gerald Anthony started his career with the role of Marco Dane on the ABC soap opera show “One Life to Live,” which aired for 43 years from July 15, 1968, to January 13, 2012. His co-stars in the shows were Kristen Alderson, Melissa Archer, Susan Bartlett, Philip Carey. After working for a decade in the show, he moved to NBC network show “Another World,” where he played Rick Madison.

Anthony played the role of Marco Dane from “One Life to Live” again, but on another ABC show  “General Hospital.” For his role as Marco Dane, he grabbed Emmy for supporting Roles in 1993.

Bryn acting clip from the ABC show.
Bryn acting clip from the ABC show. Source: Pinterest

Apart from acting, Anthony was also interested in directing and presenting his imagination. Eventually directed a short movie entitled “Twisted,” which was presented in the film festival circuit. He further wanted to direct feature films, but due to his acting prowess, he got offered to act. Gerald showed his acting skills in TV shows such as “L.A. Law,” “MacGyver,” “Wiseguy,” “Law & Order,” and “Third Watch.”

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