Greg Doucette is a world-renowned coach and athlete in bodybuilding and powerlifting. He is also a  YouTube content creator and a cyclist born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on 17 September 1975.

He made instruction videos for other bodybuilding lovers to learn from him and became famous.

Allyson Smith is a WPC World Record raw powerlifter, bodybuilding judge and Youtuber. She started her fitness journey from an early age.

At First, Ally used to train herself by looking the youtube videos. She has successfully made her name in the bodybuilding field with her hard dedication.

Greg and Ally are in a relationship, and as being in the same field, they understand each other better.

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Love Relationship of Powerlifter Couple

Greg Doucette has often talked about his romance with Allyson Smith, who is also involved in the fitness industry when it comes to his personal life.

The couple first met at one of many powerlifting events. At first sight, Greg fell in love with Ally and decided to start the conversation.

Slowly they started dating each other. As Allyson is also a record holder at raw powerlifting, they were attached more with each other by being in similar passions and dreams.

They have been together for years. But they still haven’t decided anything about their marriage and family life.

Greg and Ally sunbathing in glasses
Greg and Ally Sunbathing (Image source: Instagram @gregdoucetteifbbpro)

The Above photo is posted by Allyson and captioned as:

This guy is right here. My ride or die, The hardest worker in the room. I appreciate his honesty, integrity, and willingness to enjoy life to the fullest with me by his side. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes. 😉 Thank you for being a massive part of creating this life I love so much. Love you, babe. ❤️

Thus, the powerlifting couples are spending their pretty time mostly together. They are seen to visit many beautiful places together such as Dubai, Beach, Switzerland etc.

The pair also organizes many bodybuilding and powerlifting events together. They are also gaining a good amount of money.

Allyson supporting Greg to Rising to Prominence

As he was making progress in his career as a bodybuilder, Greg changed the direction of his YouTube career.

Instead of creating and uploading short videos of his accomplishments, Greg started making instruction videos for other bodybuilding lovers to learn from him and slowly became more popular.

His videos became longer and his fan base bigger. He continued performing at the IFBB Pro League events and breaking records, increasing his popularity.

He was ninth in the2016’ss Bodybuilding competition in the ProShow of Toronto, while in 2019, he was fourth at the Classic Physique competition.

Greg and Ally in a swimming pool
Greg and Ally in a swimming pool (Image source: Instagram @allysoncsmith)

Workout routines became attractive to many, and he amassed more than a million subscribers.

His videos have become one of the most viewed videos with topics on fitness, bodybuilding, and diet, and he has more than 280 million views on his YouTube channel.

Greg Doucette, Social Media

Some of his most popular videos include” Is Gymshark Athlete DAVID LAID Natural??”, with two million views, then” Shredding V Shred- Extremely Good Lookin,” which has been viewed more than 1.6 million times

Also, “2500 Calorie Full Day of Eating WhatI’mm Eating To get sub 5% bodyfat cutting”, with 1.4 million views, among numerous other videos that have only increased his popularity.

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