Quick Facts of Heather Sullivan

Heather Sullivan's instagram, age, relationshhip, and career in Foxnews.

Heather Sullivan is an NBC 12 reporter at four and Fox26 reporter at 7. This anchoring personality is the face of two trending news channels of the United States of America, NBC12 and Fox26. 

Heather Sullivan NBC 12 and Fox 26 news

After getting the required degree in journalism from Emerson college Boston, Sullivan decided to study at Massachusetts Amherst. While completing RIAS Journalism Internship in Germany, She reported from Berlin too. The journalist was talented and hardworking in every task she performs. 

Sullivan is the consumer reporter who reports about being a smart and safe customer in Fox 26. She tends to be the best informer about the products consumed by people living in Houston, Texas. 

Heather Sullivan in her Instagram post Source @heathersullivanfox26 

However, the multi-talent holding anchor is flexible from business, political, and economic news reports from Hotels and restaurants. This anchor has been showing herself from 2014 in such media. It’s been more than seven years till now.

This active participant in the reporting field has received awards from The Emmy’s Award two times, The Murrow award, and Several AP awards. She is involved in sharing news to make people aware of unnecessary things to buy in the market. Also, read about Angela Chen from Fox 26. 

Heather Sullivan Facebook and Instagram 

Heather keeps herself busy as a professional anchor and reporter and NBC News and Fox26 Houston most of the time. However, she kept herself aware of social networking relations as well. She keeps a good relationship with the audiences and fans on Instagram and Facebook.

Watch Heather Sullivan on Fox26 News

This prominent anchor uses an Instagram account with username @heathersullivanfox26 and Heather Sullivan Fox26 in her Facebook. 

 Heather Sullivan Age 

Sullivan hails from the United States of America. Heather is of white ethnic background and holds an American nationality. Talking about her family and birthdate, the anchor loves to keep such things private. She has unrevealed personal information contained within herself for now. The anchoring personnel stands on a median height with perfectly managed body shape and size. She is conscious about her health and the health of people living in Houston. The personality has light blonde hair with greenstone-colored eyes. 

Heather Sullivan, in her work Fox 26 Source @heathersullivanfox26 

In addition, being one of the faces of Fox26, Heather gets enough payment from a professional job. She has been working for two famous news channels that pay separately. She has got a satisfying amount of networth not because she is interactive in her job, but also she is hardworking.

Net Worth and Appearance

As of 2021, She has around $4million estimated networth. She has a luxurious car and house in Texas, where she spends her qualitative life.  Looking at her attire and age at a glance, we can guess that she must be a married woman who has already done a lot in her life. Furthermore, she has reached almost more than half of her age.

Heather Sullivan At her work in Fox26 Source @heathersullivanfox26 

 Even though she is already old, she doesn’t feel alright to tell the public about her husband or children. However, we mightn’t know her well that she can be living alone at this age. Let us leave that information inside her head for now. 

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