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Alex Niedbalski Sykes is a senior vice president of Sales in Polycor. Niedbalski is a French woman when talking about who rose to fame after marrying her celebrity wife Wanda Sykes.

Even though Alex Sykes became famous only after her wife, she has made quite a life for herself. Her work in the company Polycor has given her the fortune in her net worth. Let’s take a detour in her lifestyle and discover the income sources that lead to her amazing lifestyle.

How much Rich Alex Sykes is? Know about her Net Worth

According to the justrichest.com, Alex Sykes is the owner of a staggering net worth of $1 million. Her major source of income comes from her job at Polycor but she spends most of her time in the home as a homemaker.

Besides that, Alex lives a quality lifestyle in Los Angeles as her wife is also a wealthy celebrity. Her wife Wanda Sykes has a mammoth wealth of $6 million. Wanda source of income comes from her career as a writer, actress, and comedian.

Alex Sykes (left) with her wife Wanda Sykes (right) attending a red carpet event

Some of her notable works include The Chris Rock Show, Monster-in-Law, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Evan Almighty, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Blackish.

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Want to know about Alex Sykes Career?

Alex Sykes works in the sales department which sells natural stones. In fact, this is how she met Wanda. Alex is a senior vice president of sales at Polycor. Polycor is a famous company which deals with natural stones.

The company provides its customers with natural stones which are bought from America and Canada. It is satisfying its customers since 1987. Besides working at Polycor, Alex has several experiences in the management field. Yes, in management as she has a Masters degree in Business and Marketing.

According to her LinkedIn account, Alex started working at Polycor since February 2007 and still continues to do so. Even though her exact salary at the company is not disclosed, it is estimated to be around $176,933 annually on average according to Payscale.

Furthermore, her working experience dates even further back when she worked as a Marketing Manager for four long years in the Levantine Group. Additionally, Alex Sykes also received the one and a half years working experience as a Sponsorship & Marketing Assistant in Federation Francaise de Basketball.

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Alex Sykes’s House, Cars, and Lifestyle

Wanda and her wife Alex Sykes lives in Los Angeles, California, the USA with their twin children. She lives in a million dollar mansion in Los Angeles which is worth more than $4.2 million.

The couples house consist of the Swimming pool, a Tennis Court, a Home Cinema, a Home Office, and a big parking space. Not just that, her million dollar assets also include a luxury Toyota car which cost around $140,000. Wanda is a very busy person but whenever she gets the time, Wanda spends it with her beloved wife. The pair are often spotted attending sporting events and traveling to Europe.

Alex Sykes (left) with her wife Wanda Sykes (right) attending a US Open tennis match

Alex Sykes is living the super amazing lifestyle together with her spouse.



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