Is Tamra Cantore Still Alive? Well, yes, she is alive and kicking. The 53-year-old former wife of American Meteorologist Jim Cantore is survived by her two children.

The married life of Tamra Cantore and Jim Cantore saw some ups and downs in their 19-year marriage. So, what led to their divorce? What is her current relationship status? Let’s take a detour in their married life and try to answer the question.

When did Tamra Cantore and Jim Cantore marry? Know the details

Tamra Cantore and Jim Cantore tied the wedding knot on October 6, 1990. She worked in a management firm which had the responsibility to make Jim famous. During their work together, Tamra and Jim quickly became friends.

Jim Cantore (left) and his ex-wife Tamra Cantore (right)

After some time, the pair decided to take it to the next level and they started dating. Tamra Cantore and Jim Cantore soon became a thing and came out in public about their relationship. The growth of their love was constant and turned their dating life to married life.

Jim married life was going easy for a long time but still suffered from small ups and downs. Tamra is suffering from Parkinson Disease and their long hours of work might be the reason for the complication of their relationship. Though the duo has not come out in public telling the reason about their divorce we can assume their busy work schedule is the reason.

The couple divorced in 2009.

What are Jim Cantore and Tamra Cantore current relationship status?

After the divorce, Tamra has stayed low key avoiding any sort of media attention. Jim is a famous Meteorologist and he is constantly in front of the camera. Tamra’s current relationship status is not known after her divorce from Jim.

Whereas, Jim Cantore is part of many rumors about his relationships. He was rumored to be with Stephanie Abrams but nothing came out of it. Both Jim and Stephanie dismissed it as rumors and put an end to the affair.

Again, Jim was supposedly in a relationship with Alexandra Steele. Everyone speculated them to have an affair but neither of them has confirmed anything about their relationship status. Some years later, the rumors got shut down when Jim posted the picture of his new muse on his Instagram account.

The woman name is Andrea Butera and she is also into weather just like Jim Cantore. Hope, she is the one that he is looking for to spend the rest of his life with.

Jim Cantore (left) with his girlfriend Andrea Butera (right)

Tamra Cantore and Jim Cantore’s Children

The couple welcomed two children, a son, Ben Cantore and a daughter, Christine Cantore. His son and his daughter are suffering from the broken X Chromosome which is disturbing their growth.

The disorder was not spotted in the beginning as many people took Ben’s disorder to be autism. But that was not the case and after a thorough check-up, the real reason for his disorder was found. Similarly, the disorder is present in his daughter as well.

But in girls, the X Chromosome is only for the backup but it definitely disturbed her growth too. Jim Cantore went through a very tough time when his two children and his wife is suffering from some disorders.

Cantore is a good human being which he has proved time and time again. He is a very busy man and whenever he gets some time of his work, he is there for his family. With such good quality as a husband and father, Jim deserves all the happiness in the world.