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Born in 1982, Gillian Turner lives a lavish lifestyle with her future husband and her family. Turner CV list out some highly decorated profession from which she earned a whooping salary contributing to her net worth.

Currently, she works as the full-time correspondent for Fox News starting from 2017. Besides that, Turner is also a businesswoman and owns the company Jones Group International with her business partners. This is just the tip of an iceberg as we dive into her income sources and find out more.

How much is Gillian Turner’s Net Worth?

This ravishing beauty owns the net worth of $1.5 million according to many online sources. The majority of her income comes from her salary contribution from her profession. Besides that, Turner also worked at the White House as National Security Council.

Not just that, the 37-years-old owns a company called Jones Group International as one of the partners. All of these major sources of her income contributes to her wealth.

Beautiful Gillian Turner enjoying her holiday in France

Gillian Turner’s Career and Income Details

After completing her education from Columbia University in New York, she traveled to South Africa for her Master’s degree. Soon after that, She started her career as a National Security Council staff at the White House. She worked under Former U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

According to Federalpay.com, the annual salary of an employee of the National Security Council is at $111,621. As we don’t know the exact salary of Turner during that period, we can assume she might receive a similar amount. The former Security Council served at NSC for four years under two presidents.

Gillian Turner served as the White House National Security Council under Bush and Obama Administration

Furthermore, Turner’s other source of income comes from her business. The 37-years-old along with her other business partners established a company called Jones Group International. Through the company, Turner provided services to her client on Africa and the Middle East.

Turner serves as a vice president of the business venture and directly works with former NSC adviser Jim Hones. 

Gillian Turner’s at Fox News Channel

Prior to working at Fox News Channel, Turner contributed her skills at the U.S. Department of State. During her time at the U.S. Department of State, she worked closely for the betterment of Human Rights and Labor.

In addition to that, she served in the office of the Albright Group LLC. Such an inspiring lady, Turner is the role model for many girls wanting to succeed in their career and remains on top. Despite many challenges, Turner proved to be tough and still holds the top spot in the field.

Currently, Turner serves as a full-time correspondent for Fox News Channel. In 2017, she was announced with this position but before that, Turner worked only as of the contributor. From her News Profession, she earns an income of $300,000 annually contributing directly to her wealth.

With the addition of her handsome six-figure salary and also the endorsement fee of $80,000, her net worth is at $2.1 million as per some sources.

Assets, House, Cars, and Lifestyle

The 37-years-old has added so much to her asset list with a staggering net worth. Her assets list mostly contains liquid cash at the bank, house, cars, her company, and many more. So, basically, anything that generates money is an asset and Turner has many such sources.

She loves animals especially dogs and owns two pet dogs. Turner lives in a house with her husband Alex Kramer and two pets in NYC. On the current market, a house price in NYC starts at $200,000 and cost up to the median price of $600,000.

Gillian Turner (left) holding her pet Dog and (to the right) Alex Kramer, her husband at his birthday

Furthermore, she drives a luxury car but any details about her vehicle are not disclosed as of now. Gillian Turner lives a wealthy lifestyle and loves to travel. She often travels to exotic locations with her partner.

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