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    Born on May 10, 1992, Brianna Ruffalo is now taken. Yes, you read it right, the media powerhouse added a partner to her life pretty recently in 2019. Is she married or still dating?

    Ruffalo with her attractive personality and killer smile rules the heart of many men. Aren’t you curious to know who is the lucky guy who is now her boyfriend? If yes, then stay with us as we uncover more about her personal life and relationship status.

    Brianna Ruffalo’s Dating a Guy! Who is her Boyfriend?

    The 27-years-old reporter started working at ABC30 from March 2017. What does this have to do anything with her dating life? Well, it has everything to with it, guys. She is currently dating a guy who works with her at the news station.

    Brianna Ruffalo (left) with her Boyfriend Will Carr (right) enjoying their holiday at Fiji

    Her colleague at ABC News, Will Carr, is the guy who is ruling Ruffalo’s heart. Because of the couple working together, they build a good friendship with each other. The couple love life is pretty new as they began the romantic relationship in 2019.

    Brianna Ruffalo’s Relationship Rumors

    Will Carr, the boyfriend of Ruffalo was the talk of the town on March 2019. Furthermore, the reporter actually fueled the rumors by staying silent, because of which many believed Carr to be her boyfriend. Ruffalo said Will is “Sunshine on a Cloudy” in her life.

    On the other hand, Ruffalo was already feeling emotions for Carr but not coming out in the public. In March, the reporter went on a holiday with Will in Santa Monica which made it all clear to the fans of the nature of the relationship.

    Will Carr (left) with Brianna Ruffalo (right) in the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica

    During the vacation, the new couple spent time on a Ferris Wheel Ride and even posted a photo of that. The pair never have to announce their love to people automatically found out after the cozying pictures of the pair.

    Moreover, the duo was also spotted with Todd Unger and his girlfriend very recently in July 2019.

    Is she Married?

    The couple is now together for a short time as of now, probably five months. Their love is still in the blooming phase even though they know each other for a long time now.

    So, the marriage plans for the couple is still far away as they are looking to enjoy each other’s company as much as possible. But as many people say, “when you know it’s right it is right”, So, don’t get surprised if Ruffalo decides to announce her wedding with Will.

    Brianna Ruffalo’s Personal Life

    The reporter works a lot but whenever she gets her free time, Ruffalo spends a lot of time with her beau. She works at ABC News where the likes of Liz Cho and Toni Yates work.

    She hangs out with her friends and family more often spending the night out and dinners. Ruffalo also has a goddaughter from her cousin and posted a lot of pictures with her during her birthday.

    ABC30 News Reporter Brianna Ruffalo with her Goddaughter at her Sixth birthday

    Brianna travels to exotic locations with her friends and wherever she goes she likes to involve in local events and cultural programs.

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