Will Carr


Born on May 10, 1992, Brianna Ruffalo is now taken. Yes, you read it right, the media powerhouse added a partner to her life pretty recently in 2019. Is she married or still dating? Ruffalo with her attractive personality and killer smile rules the heart of many men. Aren’t you curious to know who is the lucky guy who is now her boyfriend? If yes, then stay with us as we uncover more about her personal life and relationship status. Brianna Ruffalo’s Dating a Guy! Who is her Boyfriend? The 27-years-old reporter started working at ABC30 from March 2017. What does this have to do anything with her dating life? Well, it has everything to with it, guys. She is currently dating a guy who works with her at the news station. Her colleague at ABC News, Will Carr, is the guy who is ruling Ruffalo’s heart. Because of the…