Hanna Battah is an American journalist who won the Heart of America Gold Award in 2011. She also won the heart of men across the globe, not just winning an award.

Who is her Boyfriend? Or Is she secretly Married? Don’t worry, fellas, we’re going to answer these questions, but before that, have you heard about the affair between Hanna and American actor Ashton Kutcher?

Is Hanna Battah Married? Who is her Husband?

The 26-year-old Journalist’s relationship status as of now is Unmarried. Battah does not wear the ring on her finger, which hints at her not tying the knot. Battah is single but engaged in her work.

Hanna Battah is reporting for Fox News.

The cheerful reporter has certainly won many hearts, but there is no man with whom Battah has planned to spend her life yet. The award-winning reporter has done a pretty good job keeping her personal life under wraps.

But as per reports, Hanna Battah is enjoying her work and, in the meantime, looking for a man to call her husband.

Hanna Battah and Ashton Kutcher Saga. Was Kutcher her Boyfriend?

The news about Hanna Battah and Ashton Kutcher dating circulated in the media for a while. So, is it real? Did Hanna date the current Mila Kunis Husband? It is a big No! Battah never dated the actor, but how did the rumor start about their affair?

Ashton Kutcher (right) with his wife Mila Kunis (left)

The rumors started in 2012 when Ashton was in a married relationship with his former wife, Demi Moore. Hanna tweeted saying,

“Nothing is more precious than falling asleep on the phone with your boyfriend to hear him rolling around the phone.”

This tweet suggested that Hanna had someone special in her life, but at that time, no one knew who the guy was. Again in April, a couple of months later, Battah tweeted about her marriage to Ashton Kutcher after her tweet. But it was revealed later that she tweeted about it jokingly, and she is not in a relationship with Kutcher.

Although jokingly, we got to know her dream man and the standard that she is looking for in her future spouse. You have a great chance of wooing Hanna if you have the qualities just like Ashton Kutcher. Or if you can better the Hollywood heartthrob, you have a really good chance with her.

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What is Hanna Battah’s Current Relationship Status?

The whole Hanna dating Ashton saga was 7-years-ago. Since then, we know Ashton tied the knot with Mila Kunis, but their relationship status with Hanna is still hazy. People still have no idea whether she is dating or not.

Well, what we know is the beautiful anchor is currently focused on her career and making her name big in the circuit. Twelve thousand people follow her on Instagram, and going through her account;

we cannot find any men she’s cozying up with. So, as long as Hanna herself does not speak up about her love life, there is no way of finding it.