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Ivy Calvin is many things, from football player to the mixed martial arts fighter. The man is a legend who has done it all and carries an unbeatable attitude. His net worth, Career, House and income is on the spotlight.

The millionaire star is now famed for the reality TV show called Storage Wars which¬†again returned in 2017. Yes, you know him from the show as an amazing character. But what is he doing now? How rich Ivy Calvin is now? Let’s take a detour into his net worth and discover his source of income.

What is Ivy Calvin’s Net Worth?

The estimated amount of Ivy Calvin is at $2 million. Besides gaining all the richness from his reality show, Ivy made his million dollar fortune from his previous career and his business. He became the expensive actor when Ivy made his appearance in the show.

Ivy Calvin received a fee of $175,000 per season making him the highest paid actor in the Storage Wars show. Calvin appeared in 3 seasons regularly replacing the previous actor Dave Hester.

Ivy Calvin’s Career

Calvin started his career playing football in his college days. He Played for Cal State Northridge as a linebacker. On average, an NFL player makes around $860,000 and Ivy must’ve made something similar.

Ivy Calvin (right) with his son Ivy Jr. (left) after a football match

But Ivy quit the sport to join Mixed Martial Arts so, he might not have made the big bucks from NFL but earned enough to start his own thrift shop. In Mixed Martial Arts, Ivy defeated Samu Samu. He appeared in the cage fight of the Ultimate Cage Fighting 2 (UAGF 2) and soon after that, he ended his career.

From his career in MMA also he earned some amount of money to add in his bank balance. The median salary in MMA is at $138,250 so, Ivy might have earned something in that range. Besides that, Ivy Calvin earns a fortune of wealth from his business venture.

His business venture includes his shop called Granma’s Attic a thrift shop but nothing more about the products is known. But he deals with most of his loyal customers in the shop who come to the shop to buy antique items. Calvin’s skill as a businessman and a marketing guy gave him the recognition to star in the big show.

Ivy Calvin became a professional in dealing with antique items and in the storage wars he was featured in season 3. He replaced Dave Hester in the show and from season 4, he became a regular cast member of the show. In addition to that, Ivy in the way to increase his net worth started another job.

What is Ivy doing now? Know about his House

Ivy Calvin is currently busy dealing with customers in his shop and filling the shelves. Besides that, Calvin is also a football coach and his son also plays football. Vasquez High School hired Ivy as their assistant coach and as his duty, he raised fund for the school and the team.

Ivy Calvin (right) with his wife Wendy Calvin (left)

Calvin used social media platforms to raise the funds for the school and sports equipment. He is currently living in Acton, California in a house with his wife Wendy Calvin and two sons. His house is worth more than $860,000. The crib has a three-acre space in Acton.



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