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Talking about one of the largest divorce settlement in history includes the basketball superstar Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy. Juanita is the former fashion model who is now a multi-millionaire.

Vanoy earned more than $100 million in the divorce settlement. The power couple married in 1989 and called off their marriage in 2006. They share three children together. After the split, how rich is Juanita Vanoy? Let’s find the answer for that below.

How Wealthy Is Juanita Vanoy? Know About Her Net Worth

Juanita has the net worth of more than $170 million as of 2019. In this mammoth of fortune, the majority is derived from the hefty divorce settlement with her former husband. Not just that, Juanita Vanoy is also a workaholic lady and earns a decent income from her job as well.

Michael Jordan (left) with his ex-wife Juanita Vanoy (right)

Her works include the real estate business and her own line of the furniture business. From these business ventures, she makes a fair amount of money but her luxury life comes from that chunk of settlement money.

Her Income Source Includes…

Juanita Vanoy is a hard working lady and has worked her entire life. Vanoy worked under the radar until her affair with basketball superstar surfaced in the media. Before that, Juanita was working as a fashion model.

Not just that, Vanoy was also the former American Bar Association Executive, contributing to her net worth. From both of these professions, Juanita Vanoy earned around $50,000 and $120,910 annually on average.

Furthermore, her income for her recent business of real estate is more than $60,000 on average, according to the National Association of Realtors. On top of that, her own business of furniture also gives her a whopping revenue to add to her bank balance.

The Divorce Settlement…

After the divorce with Michael Jordan in 2006, Juanita Vanoy received children custody. She received the custody of two sons, Jeffrey Michael Jordan and Marcus James Jordan, and a daughter, Jasmine Michael Jordan.

Not just that, she also received the divorce settlement of $168 million which at the time was one of the largest settlement in the history of the USA. The reason for the divorce was said to be an irreconcilable difference between the couple. However, some sources also revealed that the reason for the split was due to Michael’s alleged affair with Karla Knafel.

Michael Jordan paid $250,000 to keep Knafel’s mouth shut but upon discovering about her pregnancy, Karla asked for $5 million.

Juanita Vanoy’s House, Car, And Lifestyle

In 2007, Vanoy bought a house in Chicago, the USA worth $4.7 million. The crib features 6-bedroom and was bought through the bank trust and her AJV LLC company. This is a luxury house with an expensive interior which includes three half-baths, a billiards room, a media room, and four fireplaces.

Besides this, she also owns a mansion in other locations as well. Such as a mansion in Highland Park and a penthouse in Lake Shore. She also received a penthouse in Chicago as per the divorce settlement which she sold for $3.2 million in 2014.

Juanita Vanoy penthouse in Chicago which she received in her divorce settlement

A wealthy woman as Juanita must be driving some super luxury cars but nothing is known as of now. Juanita is not active on social media so, it is difficult to find more information about her cars and her lifestyle.


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