Forty-four-year-old Kim Hyun Joo is a South Korean actress best known for her leading roles in television dramas Glass Slippers, What Happens to My Family?, Toji, the Land, Twinkle Twinkle, and I Have a Lover.

Likewise, she has been into onscreen romances with two of her TV Drama co-actors. However, Kim has denied the real-life relationships with these stars.

Until now, Toji’s star is single and has no marriage plans. In addition to this, the Excellence Award holder has no dating history. Let’s dive into this article and explore more about her private life.

Is Kim Dating or Already Married?

The gorgeous actress Hyun has been in a couple of love rumors. But, neither is the APAN Star Awards winner is dating, nor is she married yet.

The SBS Drama Award winner, Joo, has not planned to get into any relationships or plan to marry. In an interview with some popular media, the dive started,

“I sometimes yearn I had someone next to me, but I also feel I might feel congested if there really is someone.”

South Korean Actress Kim Hyun Joo is single and focusing on her career. Image Credit: @kimhyunjooforever

Moreover, beauty with the brain Kim has always remained a controversial person regarding relationship gossip. The Undercover was in rumors with her co-actors in Glass Slipper in 2002 and Partner in 2009.

Further, the HellBound actress has always defended this gossip, saying that they are only her close friends. 

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Past Affairs with So Ji-Sub 

Twinkle Twinkle actress Miss. Joo was once rumored to be having a relationship with her co-star of the Korean drama Glass Slippers.

Concerning this, she stated that they dated each other happily in 2002. However, the two later broke up but remained good and close friends.

Kim with her Glass Slipper co-actor So-Ji-Sub. Image Credit: Channel Korean

Nonetheless, Ji-Sub yelled that Hyun was his good friend only, and they never dated one another. Her fans are still wondering whether the rumor is stru or just fake.

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Rumors Of Kim Having Affairs With Lee Dong-Wook

In 2009, the show co-stars created the lead couple to be scandaled among their audience.

Investigating, it is reported that the onscreen celebrity pair arrived at the filming sets late for three consecutive days.

Kim Hyun with Lee Dong Wook. Image Credit: Twitter

In August 2019, the two were late for their shoots and even used their private cars instead of the company vehicle. In contrast, this caused the crew to be suspicious of them.

Things You Didn’t Know About Kim’s Hubby.

Based on the realities mentioned above about the Glass Slippers starlet, Kim Hyun is still not married. Thus, the actress doesn’t have a husband yet.

Additionally, the Roman Catholic Teresa exclaimed in a talk; Marriage is a taboo in our family. Therefore, it is clear from this point of view that Joo will be transparent to her audience about her marriage when she thinks about it.

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