Quick Facts of Kim Yoo-jin

  • Full NameKim Yoo-jin
  • Net Worth$10 Million
  • Date of Birth03 March, 1981
  • NicknameEugene
  • Marital Status Married
  • BirthplaceSeoul, South Korea
  • Ethnicity South Korean
  • Religion Christanity
  • ProfessionActress, Singer, Author and Host
  • Nationality Korean
  • Eye colour Dark Brown
  • Hair colour Blonde
  • SpouseKim Tae-young
  • Height5'3"
  • Weight47 Kg
  • Online PresenceActive
  • Children2
  • Horoscope Pisces
Kim Yoo-jin Wiki, Marital Status, Net worth, Career, Height, and Instagram

The era of k-pop music and k-drama has invited a lot of fabulous talents and deserving artists so far.

In this generation of teenagers watching and admiring K-drama and K-pop music, competitive and matching artists from 40 years back rocking the industry is something.  

Among those faces, Kim Yoo-jin, famous with the name “Eugene” in the Korean drama and music industry, is a well-recognized South Korean Singer and Actress who is a talented personality, whom we best recognize for her singing and drama personality.

Also, She is popular in 2022 because her beautiful voice and fabulous acting in The Penthouse: War in Life reached the height of popularity.

But, Do we know the South Korean Singer and Actress well enough? So to gather some precious and basic information about a 40 years old South Korean Singer and Actress covering required parts of her marital status, career, net worth, and her ups and downs.

We will present you the details in brief about Kim Yoo-jin ahead. 

Who is Kim Yoo-jin?

Kim’s loving parents showed this world to the South Korean Singer and Actress on March 3, 1981 (age 40)  in South Korea and raised her in Seoul, South Korea. Therefore, She is South Korean.

Kim belongs to a South Korean ethnic and follows the religion as her certain community (most probably Christianity).

Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Similarly, people prefer calling him years. Yoo-jin turned 40 in recent years.

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) in her Instagram Post. Image Credit: @eugene810303

At present, Kim stands at 5’3″ with 47 KG weight. She has a beautiful, well-maintained body size. Kim has dark brown eyes with beautiful blonde hair.

She looks astonishingly beautiful if seen at a glance. Her last name Yoo-jin gradually deferred to the name Eugene which became the identity of Kim.

The famous name Eugene is more popular than her real name.

What is Kim Yoo-jin Marital Status?

A South Korean singer and actress like Kim is mostly the crush of many people as their fame rises daily. Likewise, audiences probably think of Yoo-jin as a mentor and admire Kim somehow.

Talking about Her marital status, Kim is a married woman with two children. This caring mother is equally contributing to her career and the family.

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) ‘s Daughters. Image Credit: @eugene810303

Kim married Kim Tae-young ( m. 2011), her man from the 2009 TV series Creating Destiny. They married in Seoul.

The exact location was the Central Church from the same location. They hooked up in the year 2011 in July 2011. They are considered the best couple.

Daughter of Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) Image Credit: @eugene810303

They were the extravagant couple featured on the reality show The Super Couple Diary. They shared the children named Rorin on August 18 and April Twelve.

The first child took birth in 2015, and the gap between the two offspring is three years from the second child.

What is Kim Yoo-jin Education?

Yoo-jin graduated from  John F. Kennedy High School and Agueda Johnston Middle School. After returning to Korea, She attended the Korea Foreign School from Seoul.

After graduating from college, she started pursuing her career as a singer and an actress in dramas and other plays. Kim holds a graduate certificate in acting and singing.

Yoo-jin was a hardworking student from her school level. Kim Yoo-jin started her career in singing and drama after completing her education.

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) with her mate. Image Credit: @eugene810303

 Eugene has two careers in the K-pop and K-drama fields. She is one of the best-sold artists from the girl’s group S.E.S. in 1997.

This band artist slowly turned into the solo artist to release her two albums after leaving the girl’s band in 2002.

She said goodbye to the SM. Entertainment as she left the S.E.S group. Despite leaving the girl’s gang, she still sings and has many songs released thoroughly. Also, read about Yoon Eun-Hye.

How is Yoo-jin’s Band Career?

Knowing the S.E.S that broke twice record in 2019 as a best-sold k pop girls band, they had been parted from Eugene Bada and Shoo; they still had some connections further.

Even after the years, they keep up with the good works attending the charity together like Green Heart Bazaar.

Likewise, the band celebrates its anniversary of band formation and the greatest hit songs and albums remakes as well. 

Daughter of Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene). Image Credit: @eugene810303

The albums like Love remake of 1999 single Love Remember, Paradise, and I will be there Waiting For You were released thoroughly afterward.

SES has made different events like charity events and the fan meet ceremony. These albums mentioned earlier become the most wonderful and highest-sold albums in their period. 

What are Yoo-jin’s awards and achievements?

Highlighting the mentioned record, she hit the ballad with the title of The Best from her first solo album named My True Style.

The single Windy from the album 810303 was also nominated for the Music Camp event. Away from the musical nominations, most of her Tv Dramas were nominated in the different award shows as well.

Eugene has won 9 awards and has been nominated in 21 different nominations. 

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) in an award Show. Image Credit: @eugene810303

The award she won was from different nominations in the best nominee from following: Loving You, King of Baking, Kim Takgu, Princess Hwapyung’s Weight Loss, All About My Mom, Eugene(Best Dressed and photogenic award for singer, PD’s Choice Special Award ), Save the Last Dance for Penthouse and Me: War in Life in the recent year 2021.

Yoo-jin’s Solo Career after leaving S.E.S Girls Band

As a solo singer, she recorded the first single album named My True Style, which made sixty thousand plus records.

She recorded her second album named 810303 sold around twenty thousand copies following the success. 

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) with the Penthouse Cast Bae Rona. Image Credit: @eugene810303

  Not only the songs of the album and Music video but also the Korean drama casts have been her major career effort as a solo artist.

As soon as she gained more fame from the dramas, she started doing various advertisements. Following the flow, she kept on recording her albums as well. 

How’s Eugene’s Startup in K-Dramas?

As soon as she had left the girl’s band, she started debuting for her acting career. When we teen  K-drama lovers were just born or walking on four feet, Eugene had already started her career in acting.

It was the year 2002 when she first debuted her act in other television dramas. 

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) with the Penthouse characters. Image Credit: @eugene810303

No sooner had she left the connection with SM Entertainment, she came up with her solo albums.

The talented artist had her four Korean dramas signed and released in 2002, like the Cast in The Truly, Wonderful life, Loving You, and Save the Last Dance For Me.

Yoo-jin in Theater and Movies

The albums like “Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer” in 2004 and “Shout to the Lord” in 2001 cast her as a participant in their musical album.

Moreover, she ran the variety show named The Return Of Superman in 2016.  Eugene is famous in the Musical Theatres as well.

The Innocent Steps starred her as a Chae-rin in 2007. Kim has participated in Musical albums as well. 

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) with The Penthouse Cast. Image Credit: @eugene810303

Likewise, from the theater to Movies, she has her roles in different hit movies.

The movies like Unstoppable Marriage in 2007, Heartbreak Library and Romantic Island in 2008, Yoga Hakwon in 2009, and exact after 11 years: Paper Flower in 2020 presented her as the main role. 

Yoo-jin as a host and an Author 

This fabulous personality just didn’t let herself be limited in singing and acting, but also she has her talent in the different other things like Author work and other activity.

Eugene has published her book named Eugene’s Beauty Secrets 2009 and Eugene’s Get It Beauty in 2011. 

Watch the Trailer of the Penthouse

Apart from this, she is also a host.

She does fabulous hosting as well. Eugene has hosted shows like On 2002 at SBS Saturday is Coming, On 2003 in KBS Nam Hui-Seok and Eugene’s Love Story.

Later on, in 2005 at KBS Happy Together Friends, On 2009 at O’live TV Living Beauty – Eugene’s Makeup Diary, Season 1, On  2012 in OnStyle Super Couple Diary, On 2012 in MBC The Great Birth – Season 3 and On 2010-2014 at O’live TV Get It Beauty. 

How much is Kim Yoo-jin Net worth in Millions?

Analyzing her profession as a South Korean Singer and Actress, she earns a good amount of money. Kim’s net worth is whooping around $10 million.

Sometimes, the incomes above of a person like Kim Yoo-jin vary with time.

There is no doubt that this celebrity, Kim, lives her lavish life with this networth she has made from her career. Yoo-jin might own comfortable assets like wonderful cars and beautiful buildings. 

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) taking selfies in the studio. Image Credit: @eugene810303

Moreover, South Korean Singer and Actress Kim Yoo-jin makes around $500,000 in payments from singing and drama. Counting the salary for successive dozen months, it becomes around $8 million annually.

The South Korean Singer and Actress have decided not to disclose other assets from different sources. Kim is still working hard to increase her net worth. 

What is Kim Yoo-jin Instagram?

This famous South Korean Singer and Actress is active on social media. The admiring South Korean Singer and Actress often shows her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts.

Yoo-jin shows off on such platforms by introducing different new and old pictures of her work and personal life.

Kim Yoo-jin (Eugene) taking selfie Image Credit: @eugene810303

Kim has her Instagram account with id @eugene810303. Yoo-jin is active on her Twitter. The admirable South Korean Singer and Actress shows off with the account on her Facebook. She has an IMDB with her name. 

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