Quick Facts of Lola Burr

We have read about a lot of family members who gain stardom after being born into a celebrity family. Unlike many other celebrity kids, Lola Burr is a two and a half years old single daughter of her famous father, Bill Burr. Her father, Bill successfully established his career as an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster.

Moreover, she shares a very strong bond with her mother, Nia Hill. The newly became father, Bill is providing a very lavish life to his daughter as he has a net worth of $12 Million as per the Celebrity Net Worth. Let’s find in detail about her on-going life.

Early Life of Lola Burr

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Lola Burr spends a happy life with her father, Bill Burr, and mother, Nia Hill. Her grandfather, Robert Edmund Burr was a dentist, whereas, her grandmother, Linda Ann was a nurse. Her father, Bill comes from German and Irish descent so, Lola belongs to the mixed ethnicity.

The parents of Lola Burr
The parents of Lola Burr (Bill Burr-left, Nia Hill-right)
Image Credit: Wassup Celebs

Lola was born on 20 January 2017 and currently in her two and a half years of age. She is still at an early age to get engaged with her studies and profession. She could possibly make her career in the entertainment industry in the near future.

Father, Bill Burr

Lola Burr is best known as the only daughter of Bill Burr, an American comedian, and actor. Her father, Bill is best known for creating his own Netflix animated sitcom F Is For Family where he is appearing since 2015. Also, he collected a huge recognition from his role of Patrick Kuby in the ABC crime drama, Breaking Bad (2008-13). He was the host of a comedy podcast titled The Monday Morning Podcast since 2007.

Lola’s mother, Nia is active on her Instagram with over 33.4K followers. She is also famous as the co-creator of You Welcome along with Marcella Arguello. Going through her Instagram, she promotes the YouTube channel titled All Things Comedy (AGT) which has collected over 314K subscribers.

Marriage of Parents

The parents of Lola Burr, Bill Burr and Nia Hill exchanged their wedding vows in 2013. As per various sources, the couple met for the first time during a comedy show. Dating for a long, the couple started living in an apartment in Los Angeles. After a year from their marriage, the couple listed on The 10 Hottest Wives And Girlfriends of Comedians.

Bill Burr kissing his wife, Nia Hill
Bill Burr kissing his wife, Nia Hill
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Both of them are active on their social media. Also, they shared a lot of together pictures since started dating. On 15th February 2018, Nia posted a picture with Bill wishing him a Happy Valentines Day. After four years of marriage, the duo welcomed their only child daughter, Lola Burr on 20th January 2017. Still, the couple has not revealed the face of their daughter.

Nia Hill posts the picture of her daughter on the Mother's Day
Nia Hill posts the picture of her daughter on the Mother’s Day
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Going through Nia’s Instagram, she first shared a mystery picture of her daughter, only showing her legs on 2nd March 2018. Following, she posted a photo of her baby while she was in a baby stroller. Also, Bill once disclosed something about his baby during a podcast saying:

I’ve gotta be there for at 30 years to make sure she doesn’t marry a jerk. But then I can kick off and that will be it.

The proud father is fully aware of Lola’s future and is providing a lavish lifestyle to Lola. He now focuses on using good jokes thinking it would not affect his daughter one day. Currently, the family of three are spending a happy life together.

Net Worth

Lola Burr is still at an early age as she was born in the year 2017. Nevertheless, she enjoys a huge net worth of her father, Bill who holds $12 Million capital as per the Celebrity Net Worth. He earned all his money as a stand-up comedian and from his podcasts.


Lola’s father, Bill bought a $4.7 million house in Los Feliz, California, the United States in 2017. Since then, Lola resides a happy life with her parents in her home.


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