Quick Facts of Madeline O Reilly

  • Full NameMadeline O Reilly
  • Date of Birth04 February, 2020
  • NicknameMadeline O Reilly
  • BirthplaceNew York city, New york
  • Ethnicity White American
  • Religion Christian

Unlike many celebrity kids who come to the limelight because of their parent’s fame, today’s topic is slightly different. Since we are about to look at a life of a celebrity daughter who became a topic of concern because of her parent’s unstable relationship followed by divorce, she is none other than William James O’Reilly’s daughter Madeline O Reilly.

Madeline’s dad William is an American journalist, author, former television host, and political commentator. So what was the reason behind her fame? What about her personal life and net worth? To find out, continue reading the article below:

Difficult childhood

Madeline Oreilly was born in 1992 in New York, USA. She was born as the eldest child to father William O Reilly and mother Maureen E McPhilmy. Her dad worked as an author, television host and Journalist before working as a political commentator. Meanwhile, her mother is a public relations executive.

She is the eldest child in the family.
Madeline O’Reilly with her dad during her childhood. Source: Affair Post

Sadly, Madeline grew up in an abusive and harsh environment alongside her brother Spencer O’Reilly. Despite having everything in her life because of her successful parents, the brother-sister duo faced a difficult childhood. The reason was because of their parent’s constant fights and disputes. To be precise, her father’s abusive habit made the happy family turn into a sad one.

Unstable relationship between parents

Madeline O’Reilly’s parents, McPhilmy and William O’Reilly started dating in 1992. After four years, the couple eventually exchanged the wedding vows on November 2, 1996, at St. Brigid Parish of Westbury, New York. Sadly after 14 years of ups and downs in their marriage, things started to fall apart.

The couple divorced after 13 years.
Madeline’s dad is William, and her mother, Maureen. Source: Facebook

Spencer’s family got into controversy back in 2004 when Madeline’s dad was sued by Mackenzie, who worked as the producer in his dad’s show, The O’Reilly Factor. Things got worse when the producer claimed the Journalist sexually harassed her. Amid controversy, Spencer’s mother, Maureen, accused her husband of infidelity and emotional and domestic abuse of her. In no time, she filed for divorce in April 2010 against her husband.

Spencer and Madeline faced abuse during childhood.
Madeline’s brother Spencer and her dad William. Source: Fox News

However, it was rough for the young Madeline and her brother, Spencer. Ultimately when things crossed lines, Madeline testified against her father in court. She testified about how her father choked her mother and dragged her down the stairs. Although Spencer’s dad, William, denied all the accusations and said it to be mere only lies and a conspiracy against him. Nevertheless, Madeline’s testimony was followed by her parents’ divorce.

Madeline current status

Madeline lives a secret life due to private information about her personal life. Moreover, she is not active on social platforms like many celebrity kids. As of now, Madleinne must be focused on her studies and career. Besides all that, there is no doubt she lives a stable and happy life and lives with her mother and step-dad after her mother, Maureen, remarried post-divorce to Madeline’s biological dad William.

Madeline lives with her step dad.
Madeline’s step-dad Jeffrey (L), mom and biological dad. Source: Divorced

However, the separation process of her parents was not simple since her dad fought in court for custody of his children. The custody fight took longer to settle than the divorce. Initially, the court gave responsibility to both parents to take care of their children. But, the decision was reversed after Maureen claimed he was not fit to care for her children.

Nevertheless, after checking Madeline’s parents’ history, the court took Maureen’s claim seriously and gave her custody of her two children. As of now, Madeline lives with their mother. Eventually, her mother later married County Police Detective Jeffrey Gross. Before this, Jeffrey’s wife, Kathleen McBride, died of cervical cancer in 2006, leaving her two children to him. Currently, Spencer lives with her step-dad Jeffrey, step-brothers, and her brother, Spencer. As per the reports, they are together and enjoying a happy life.

Net worth

Madeline is currently not engaged in any activity that could yield her earnings. Despite that, she lives a normal life because of her wealthy dad and mother. Now, she lives with her mother, Maureen and a step-dad, police officer Jeffrey Gross.

Moreover, her mother’s net worth is $14 million, $10 million which she received from the settlement after divorce and her net worth of $4 million as public relations officer. Melanie’s biological dad has a fortune of $85 million, which he accumulated with a salary of $25 million.


Madeline’s dad Billy lost money in various sexual allegation settlements in his career. As per the New York times, he paid six women nearly $50 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits after the first New York Times investigation revealed that O’Reilly and Fox News had settled five sexual harassment lawsuits totaling $13 million.

Moreover, out of various settlements, one settlement was alone $9 million. Despite losing so much money, Madeline’s dad walked away with $25 million after getting terminated from Fox News in April 2017.