Quick Facts of Max Stanley

  • Full NameMax Stanley
  • Date of Birth10 October, 1993
  • NicknameMaxmoefoe
  • Marital Status Dating
  • BirthplacePerth, Australia
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • ProfessionYouTube Star
  • Nationality American
  • Active Year2008-present
  • Eye colour Green
  • Hair colour Light Brown
  • Height6 Feet 1 Inch
  • Weight72 kilos
  • Online PresenceInstagram, YouTube, Twitter
  • Horoscope Leo

YouTube is the coolest social media platform. As compared to other social sites, YouTube is the only social media platform that organically rewards content creators for posting to the platform. There are thousands of people who are content creators of their own channel and among them, Max Stanley is a famous YouTuber from Australia popular for his videos of prank call and challenges on his youtube channel Maxmoefoe.

Well, Max is known for prank videos in his early YouTube days and has since emerged to create challenge videos and video game playthroughs. Check out the article to know more about the YouTuber Mx Stanley (Maxmoefoe).

Maxmoefoe Bio

Max Stanley was born on August 10, 1993, in Nannup, Western Australia as Max Joeseph Stanley. At the age of 14, he created his first YouTube Channel Maxmoefoe. However, at a loss for content, Max did not upload his first video until almost a year later in the October 2008. Likewise, the next video was uploaded in July 2011.

After 11 months, Max released his prank videos. In the videos, Max called McDonald’s and complained that he’d found feces in his burger and semen in his Coca-Cola drink. After 4 years those videos garnered over 8 million views.

Since then, he proceeded to push the edges of his prank and challenge videos most of which remained to earn him millions in terms of views. Some of the videos which are popular in his channel are Slip N Slide of Death, Deadly Twister 2, and TheHowToBasic Challange.

Unfortunately, because of his some difficult personal issue, he stopped uploading videos for almost 6 months. Well, it was from the year 2013 to 2014. However, he revealed that his living conditions were being holed up in a house with 7 occupants and the situation was impossible for him to create videos.

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To the date, he has created altogether 4 YouTube channels Maxmoefoe, Maxmoefoetwo, Maxmoefoegames, and MAxmoefoePokemon.

Maxmoefoe’s Salary and Net Worth

Being such a popular star surely earns thousands of dollars from his YouTube and Instagram. He has shared numerous videos on his YouTube and has successfully got over a million views. As aforementioned he owns four youtube channels and the average salary from each channel is listed below, as of October 2018, by SocialBlade.

S.N Channel Subscriber Monthly Salary Annual salary
1. maxmoefoegames 1.6 Million $103 – $1.7K $1.2K – $19.8K
2. maxmoefoe 2.8 Million $402 – $6.4K $4.8K – $77.2K
3. maxmoefoePokemon 808K $1.6K – $25.2K $18.9K – $301.9K
4. maxmoefoetwo 1.5 Million $380 – $6.1K $4.6K – $73K

However, her exact figure of net worth is still under review. But analyzing his lifestyle, Maxnoefoe’s net worth is sure to be in millions.

Maxmoefoe’s Dating, Relationship, Girlfriend

The popular YouTuber, Max Stanley, has won the hearts of millions of fans by his incredible videos on his YouTube Channel. However, his fans are keen to know whether Max is already married or dating some or still single.

Well, Maxmoefoe is in a romantic relationship with Katherine Fox (a social media personality). The couple has been together since 2015 and spends most of their time together.

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Likewise, Max and Katherine are seen together on various occasions. On February 25, 2016, Max confirmed that he is in a relationship with Katherine Fox. Well, it looks as if the couple will soon hit the wedding bells.

Maxmoefoe’s Body Measurements (Height, Weight & Age)

Height: He stands 6 feet 1 inch i.e. 1.85m.

Weight: Maxmoefoe weighs 72 kilos i.e. 158 pounds.

Hair: Maxmoefoe’s hair color is Light Brown.

Eye: Maxmoefor’s eye color is green.

Age: As of 2018, Maxmoefoe is 25-year-old.