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    As people say, third time’s the charm! Nettie Stanley married her third husband Huey Stanley in 2004. Two previously failed marriages did not stop, Stanley to keep believing in love. The couple is blessed with two children but Nettie does have seven children from a prior relationship.

    Stanley gained her fame through a reality TV show called My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. Similarly, in other reality show Gypsy Sisters, she appears with her siblings. Are you curious to know more about this reality star marital life? If yes, then read along as we explore more about it.

    Nettie Stanley’s Married Life with Huey Stanley

    The mother of nine children, Stanley tied the knot with Huey on November 6, 2004. She exchanged wedding vows in an intimate affair in front of their family members, children, relatives, and close friends. Recently, they completed their fourteen-years anniversary and their bond looks even stronger.

    Nettie Stanley (left) with her husband Huey Stanley (right) and her daughter in her ten-year wedding anniversary

    The pair have cemented their marriage relationship over the years and with the arrival of their children it gets even stronger. Nettie gave birth to the duo first-child Nukie Small which added more happiness in their affair. After a couple of years, the Stanley family was completed by the arrival of another offspring.

    Dallas Williams birth completed the Stanley family. All of them are living happily in the States and is seen celebrating life as per her Instagram pictures.

    Powering Relationships…

    Like in the relationship of every couple, Nettie and Huey also went through ups and downs in their marital life. Despite all the challenges the pair faced, they stuck together through thick and thin. As they say, challenges in a relationship make the bond even stronger.

    Nettie Stanley (left) with her hubby (right)

    Because of that, the couple is now enjoying each other’s company more than ever. Stanley took her wedding vows again on November 6, 2014, on the occasion of their ten-years marriage anniversary. They recreated their wedding in front of their loved ones.

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    Nettie Stanley’s Children and Family

    The reality TV star married her first husband when she was a teenager. She eloped with her then-boyfriend and tied the knot. But the marriage did not last as the pair ended in divorce. Soon after the split, Stanley found another man in her life.

    However, nothing is disclosed about her second husband. Her relationship with her second husband also did not last very long. The good thing about her two failed relationship is her children. From her first two marriages, she gave birth to seven children named Heath, Albert, Huey, Destiny, Chasitie, Sheila, and Kat.

    Huey Stanley (third from left) and Nettie Stanley (fourth from left) with their children


    Similarly, her family is also far from perfect like her failed relationship. Her mother Lottie Mae Stanley was involved in bank fraud in 2004. Not just that, she and her hubby Aaron Telke also got arrested for abducting their 5-years-old and a 7-year-old grandson.

    Besides that, her sister Joann Wells was also arrested for $10,000 for a scam. Moreover, her other sister Mellie Stanley is a stripper and Nettie does not approve that. Furthermore, her stepson Rocky was stabbed to death after a basketball game.

    (From left to right) Nettie Stanley, Mellie Stanley, and Joann Wells

    Currently, she is living her life as a housewife after her show got canceled due to low ratings. Despite all of that, Nettie is enjoying her life with her spouse and kids. For more further updates, keep reading Allstarbio.com.