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This Hispanic beauty Gigi Graciette is a combination of beauty with brains. Graciette relationship with fame is quite extravagant as she is a Television personality and an actress. Is she Married? The actress spends a lot of time with her family and is also very busy in her career. This leads to the question about her relationship in her priority list.

Even though she is the dream of many guys, many want to know more about her relationship status. Gigi is a private person and does not like to talk about her personal life. Where is marriage, husband or boyfriend in her priority list? Well, folks, let’s find out more on this story.

Gigi Graciette’s Relationship Status… Married or Single?

The host of the talk shows El y Ella is not interested in sharing details about her relationship status. So, does that mean she is single? Let’s find out. In her long career as a television personality, Graciette meets a lot of people and made friends.

Gigi Graciette (third from left) with LAPD officers talking about their contribution in the community

Despite having so many interesting people in her life, Graciette is currently single. Being a famous personality, the 57-years-old cannot hide from the media. She grabs a lot of media attention but no one has seen her out with a guy so far. And any male companion accompanies her, they are either friends, colleagues, or family members.

Likewise, the actress is also not linked with any guys as of now. The jury is still out to decide whether Graciette is married to her husband or is in a relationship with a boyfriend. So far, there is also no hint about her sexuality so, it is difficult to know if she is straight or lesbian.

Gigi Graciette (left) with Pablo Alsina (right) at LA Press Club Awards

Her views on Marriages…

The 57-years-old television personality is very focused on her career. She dedicates a lot of her time to her profession. Not just that, in 2014, Graciette tweeted her views towards marriage. Her views are constructed after she finished reading the book How We End Up.

She tweeted,

“Long but great read on what we should think about BEFORE saying “I do” but usually don’t. thebookoflife.org/how-we-end-up-… #Marriage #Dating #Love”

Gigi Graciette’s Personal Life and Family

She travels to lots of different places despite dedicating her entire life to her career. Graciette went to visit many exotic places with her friends and family. Graciette has 5,724 followers on her Instagram where she regularly posts about her life.

Apart from her show, she appears in Fox 29 News as a reporter alongside Karen Hepp, Kristen Rodgers, and Lucy Noland. Graciette spends her time with her friends out on holidays and shopping as she is very fond of bags and heels.

To accompany her the television personality also owns a dog. She has a special breed of dog which she loves very much. Graciette frequently posts the pictures of her pet dog on her Instagram account. She loves her parents very much but sadly in 2012, Graciette lost her mother.

Gigi Graciette With her Pet Dog

Now, Gigi Graciette is busy with her career as a reporter and as her fan, we can only hope Graciette opens up about her relationship status. For further updates, keep reading Allstarbio.com.