Who is Paula Throckmorton Married to Know About her Husband and Many More

If you are familiar with the broadcast media or CNN and other news, then you must know the famous Indian-American journalist Fareed Zakaria. Today, we will talk about Fareed and Paula’s relationship, who has recently tied the knot.

The wife of Fareed, Paula Throckmorton, is also a writer and meditation teacher. She is famous after marrying Fareed. Want to know about more of them? Then stay on our page and read more.

Who is Paula Throckmorton Married to?

Paula Throckmorton has been married to her long-term boyfriend, CNN host Fareed Zakaria. They tied their knot in 1997. The duo still has a good marriage relationship, and they are blessed with three beautiful children.

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Additionally, the story of their first meeting is interesting. The husband and wife first met each other on a blind date which their mutual friends set.

Then, the couple both fell in love. A few months later of their relationship, they decided to turn their vows into marriage. Even though the couple faced many struggles in their marital life, they are still together. This is the perfect story of true love.

The Couple Were Going To Divorce

Yes, living with two different people together is hard. More difficult when both people have a different nature. The couple has disclosed that they started to live separately after their private discussions. In 2011, the couple was even ready to sign divorce papers.

At the time, Fareed even said a powerful message:

“It’s corret that we’re having difficulties and I have taken a small apartment a few blocks away, but I still stay at our house most days of the week. We’re trying to work things out. Divorce is not on the vision.”

Yes, Fareed’s thinking works out. Luckily, the couple again starts to live together and still lives happily.

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Paula Throckmorton’s Past Affairs

Paula Throckmorton has no past affairs. She is happy with Fareed. She might not want to make another partner for her whole life.

Moreover, Fareed also has no past affairs. He thinks Paula is the only person who can be part of his life. He truly loves Paula. If their love goes well forever, we can see them forever together as true love who didn’t give up.

Children of Paula Throckmorton’s

We know that they have three children: two daughters, Lila & Sofia and one son, Omar.

It seems like Paula and Fared are not familiar with any social websites. They spend less time on the internet and do not share pictures of their family.

Short Bio of Paula Throckmorton 

Paula Throckmorton has revealed very little about herself till now. So, there is no information related to her date of birth, parents’ identity and ethnicity. She is of American nationality. Also, there is no detailed information about her childhood and early life.

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Reflecting on her education and qualifications, she has not given insight into her earlier education. Regardless, she graduated from the prestigious Harvard University with an MBA degree.