The Peter Pan actress Rachel Clare Hurd-Wood is Married. Yes, the actress exchanged wedding vows with actor Russ Bain in 2018. Sorry to all the guys who secretly love her, she’s off the market.

The 28-year-old actress tied the knot to her longtime love Bain. If you’re looking to know more about her married life and the wedding then you are in the right place.

When did Rachel Hurd-Wood Marry? Know about her Husband

The super talented actress is somewhat secretive about her personal life. She hardly lets anything slip in the media regarding any details about her dating life. Rachel Hurd-Wood married her boyfriend Russ Bain in 2018, but the exact date of their marriage is undisclosed.

Russ Bain with his newlywed wife Rachel Hurd-Wood at his wedding day

Bain is an actor who mostly works in Hollywood Movies and TV Shows. Bain is credited for films like Mission Impossible: Fallout, Bodyguard, Power Rangers, and Castle. Additionally, the 6-feet actor has also worked in the hit TV series Game of Thrones as a voice actor.

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Rachel Hurd-Wood and Russ Bain Dating Life

Russ Bain and Rachel kept their dating life a secret and avoided any sort of media attention. Not just that, the couple also kept their marriage a secret. Many people had no idea about their wedding and still, some people get surprised.

Both of them are from the entertainment industry working in movies and TV shows. So, it is not that hard to figure out where the pair met each other. Probably they met at the award show, at the party, or through a mutual friend.

Russ Bain (left) with his then girlfriend now wife Rachel Hurd-Wood (right)

Rachel Hurd-Wood previously had some failed relationship so, before going into this relationship she wanted to make sure this is the right one. The couple went out for a few dates and felt a love connection with Russ Bain. As soon as Rachel knew Bain was the right guy for her, Hurd-Wood did not waste any more time to marry him.

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Rachel Hurd-Wood Pregnant with a Child

The Peter Pan actress and her husband took their marriage to the next level by introducing a new member in their life. Soon after the marriage, Rachel was pregnant with a child and was ready to be a mother. In her Instagram posts, Hurd-Wood showed her baby bump to her followers giving the message, there will be a new member in the Bain family pretty soon.

Finally, on August 18, 2018, the beautiful couple shared the proudest moment in their life by welcoming a baby boy. The pair became proud parents to the boy named Liam Bain. Rachel Hurd-Wood’s Instagram account is flooded with lovely messages from the fans and family members.

(From right to left) Russ Bain, his son Liam Bain, and his Wife Rachel Hurd-Wood sharing a cute moment together

Russ Bain and Rachel manage to keep their married life in a balance with their work. As their son, Liam is very little he needs constant attention and care but the couple is doing a fabulous job looking after him. Rachel and Russ share a strong bond with each other and so far any rumors or controversies have not touched them.