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One wrong decision can change your life. A decision made under the influence will not only affect your life, but it will also have the power to ruin other’s life. A drunk driver named Reggie Stephey proved these examples to be right, by ruining not only his but other five lives. Reggie Stephey is an American citizen who became the talk of the world after his SUV crashed into the car of Jacqueline Saburido and killed two other passengers in the vehicle. 

The then high-schooler Reggie Stephey played football for his high-school. However, he couldn’t continue after the accident, as he was sentenced to 7years in prison. Who were the victims of the accident? What happened to the victims? Read the article until the end to find out all the answers to your question.

High-School Football Player

Reggie Stephey was born in 1981 in the United States of America. Reggie Stephey was a student of Lake Travis High Schoo. He played football in his high school football team. Moreover, he maintained good grades, and the people of his neighborhood were very fond of Reggie. However, on one unfortunate night, the then 18-year-old Reggie decided to drink and drive that led him to a life behind bars for seven years.

The then-18-year-old Reggie Stephey in high-school jersey.
The then-18-year-old Reggie Stephey. Source: slideplayer

Although, even when he was in prison, he continued his education. He attended college while he was in jail and graduated with an Associate’s Degree. According to Reggie, even when in prison, he associated with people who wanted to better themselves. He used his time in the prison to better himself and used it productively.


On September 19, 1999, Reggie Stephey decided to go to a friend’s house party after work. As it was getting late, he decided to leave the party to go to another party. Unfortunately, he was drunk beforehand. Despite being drunk, he decided to drive. The same night, Jacqueline Saburido was attending her friend’s birthday party. When a girl who lived near her dormitory offered her to give a lift, she decided to take it. The car had five passengers. Unfortunately, their vehicle got hit by Reggie Stephey’s SUV car that Jacqueline Saburido and her friends were traveling in.

The car crash that killed two passenger and burnt the face of jacqueline saburido
Scene of the car crash. Source: News Week.

The hit instantly killed the driver and one passenger. The other injured two passengers were rescued. However,  Saburido was the only one who was trapped inside the car when it caught fire. Jacqueline screamed for help as the fire was burning her. The paramedics were able to extinguish the fire; however, the fire ignited again. Jacqueline Saburido burnt for 45 seconds before the fire truck arrived. About 60% of her body was burnt. 

Before and after accident of Jacqueline Saburido's face.
Before and after of Jacqueline Saburido. Source: Daily Mail

Because of her severe burns, the doctors had to amputate her finger. Slowly, her nose, ears, lips started to fall. She lost all her hair, and the doctors had to sew her eyes in order to save them from drying. Moreover, Saburido underwent more than 120 faces reconstructive surgeries. She also underwent a cornea transplant surgery to restore her vision of the left eye.

Jail and Released Date

In 1999, when the accident happened, Reggie Stephey was only 18 years of age. In June 2001, after Reggie Stephey turned the age of 20, he was sentenced to jail for seven years. The jury found Stephey guilty on two counts of intoxication manslaughter and sentenced him to prison for seven years in 2001. The two people who died were Natalia Bennett and Laura Guerero

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Reggie Stephey served his sentence of seven years. He got released in June 2008. While his time in prison, Reggie took time to better himeself. He often collaborated with Saburido on various anti-drinking and driving campaigns. Most importantly, Jacqueline had forgiven Reggie. 

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On April 21, 2019, Jacqueline Saburido died of cancer. Her body was taken back to her homeland Venezuela to be buried beside her mother. It was said to be Saburido’s last wish. She was 40 when she left the world.

Net Worth

According to Prison Policyan inmate earns an average of  12-40 cents an hour from regular prison jobs. Likewise, if you work in any correction industry the inmate can earn about 40 cents-$1.15 an hour. Moreover, Reggie Stephey graduated with an Associate’s Degree. After an Associate degree, you can get several jobs that annually pay you from $30,000-$60,000. However, Reggie chose to live his life away from the spotlight. He was not proud of the consequences caused by his actions. So, he has not mentioned about his occupations or whereabouts.



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