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Reggie Youngblood is one of the fan-favorite characters from the reality shows Basketball Wives LA. He and his wife Tami Roman is living a luxurious lifestyle in the USA.

Most of his fans are curious about exploring about Tami’s husband details such as his Net Worth and sources of income. Well, don’t worry guys, we got you covered on this, as in the article below we’ll take a detour in his sources of income.

How Rich is Reggie Youngblood? Know about his Net Worth

Reggie Youngblood was an NFL prospect who later turned his career towards Entertainment industry. He has the net worth of $200,000 which he earned from several ventures. Youngblood mostly earns from his business and his reality show.

Additionally, Reggie also enjoys his wife wealth which is at $800,000. She is a reality TV Star, an actress, and a radio host.

Want to know more about Reggie Youngblood’s Career?

Reggie Youngblood played Football during his college years. Youngblood was an exciting prospect in football where he played for his team for four years. He played for the University of Miami as he lived in the state of Texas.

Reggie Youngblood (right) with his teammate (left) after the football match

Youngblood showed his amazing skills for his team and mostly in 2005 where he appeared in eight games. He impressed everyone with his talent and got more start following year but he quit the sport to start his own business. From his football playing days, he earned stipends of $2,000 to $5,000 on average.

Youngblood founded his own trucking business in Houston, Texas. The company name is registered as Reginald Youngblood and Jamar Champ. Reggie’s company has one power units and one driver according to Besides operating his own business, Reggie Youngblood has a pretty successful career as a TV celebrity.

Reggie Youngblood’s twist in his Career

He turned his football career into becoming a reality TV star. Youngblood appeared in two reality shows, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and Basketball Wives LA. In the later show, Reggie Youngblood featured alongside his girlfriend Tami Roman.

Reggie Youngblood (third from right) with his wife on his left and other cast members of his new reality show Tami Ever After

After changing his career successfully, he said,

“Actually it’s a crazy experience for me. I’m more of a laid back person, but my girl is on TV and sometimes she needs me for certain scenes and whatnot so I’ll go do that with her.”

Furthermore, he added,

“We also did the Marriage Boot Camp thing, that was my first time ever on TV and that was weird.”

Reggie Youngblood got very nervous during the start of the show but eventually, he controlled his nerves and took it as a blessing. From the show, he earns somewhere around $15,000 to $50,000 per episode on average. Moreover, he and his wife are coming with their new reality TV show as well.

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Reggie Youngblood’s House, Cars and Lifestyle

After soaring to new heights of popularity, Youngblood’s fan base has grown over the years. He is now followed by 53,800 followers on Instagram. His lifestyle is now followed by many people.

Youngblood has his house in Texas which is worth around $197,300 on today’s market price. Reggie spends a lot of quality time with his family and he travels with his wife to many exotic places.

Tami Roman (left) with her husband Reggie Youngblood (right) enjoying a holiday in Paris

Reggie recently traveled to Paris, Italy, and to rest of Europe to refresh their mind off work. All in all, he is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with a good fortune of income which is stated to increase in the coming years.