Quick Facts of Rich Lewis

  • Full NameRich Lewis
  • Net Worth$300 Thousand
  • NicknameRich
  • Marital Status Married
  • BirthplaceIdaho, USA
  • Ethnicity White
  • Religion Christian
  • ProfessionTV personality, Survival Expert
  • Nationality American
  • Eye colour Blue
  • Hair colour Blonde
  • BuildAverage
  • SpouseDiane Lewis

Would you live alone in the mountain valley without technology? Well, Rich Lewis can do it. In the Mountain Men show, he is the cast member, where the contestants have to live far away from modern society and family.

The success of his life started with the Mountain Men show which airs on History Channel. While in this modern era, people like to live a luxurious lifestyle, this gentleman likes to live in a prehistoric era. Rich uses prior fashioned ways to survive and tracks lions in a daily routine.

Let’s find out in detail about his personal and professional life in the lower sections. Stay tuned.

Early Life & Career of Rich Lewis

Rich Lewis was born and raised in Idaho, USA. He is a big cat hunter and television personality. His show mainly showcases the real-life challenges and real-life stories of people who just use earlier life hacks and survival skills to survive. It’s about 2013, the second season of Mountain Men when Lewis appeared on the show. As per his interviews, he enjoys nature from a very young age. He used to live solitude in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Mountain Man, Rich Lewis Is Best in Mountain Lions, Which Is Decent To See.
The Image of Rich Lewis from Mountain Men, Picture Credit: thecelebs.info

Before the famous show, he kept himself busy in tracking mountains. Lewis used to eliminate the threat from the village caused by mountain lions. That made him earn lots of money and respect but for some time. For now, the US-born daredevil doesn’t mind living isolated in Southern Montana Valley. In fact, he actually enjoys it.

Net Worth

Money is very much important in case of survival but not much in the case of Rich Lewis, who can spend his whole life in nature. From his appearances in the Mountain Men show, he has successfully earned a net worth of more than $300 Thousand.

Rich Lewis Lives A Pre-Historic Life And Is not Much Interested In Luxurious One.
Rich with his Dogs on the way for his job, Picture Credit: Pinterest

Talking about the Mountain Men show, Rich reportedly earns more than $100 Thousand annually from the show. However, the actual amount of his salary is yet to be confirmed. Till now, Rich has not thought about his retirement from the show that would surely create chances to add more money in his capital. But honestly, the aging mountain man gained respect most rather than money.

Wife, Diana Lewis

There would hardly be one who would love to live with a person away from the limelight and she is Rich Lewis’ wife, Diane Lewis. Diane and Rich spent over three-decade of a marriage relationship and still, they are on the way of their beautiful journey. The couple exchanged their wedding vows just after their high school and started living in Montana.

Lewis Is Very Disciplined Person Who Loves His Marriage Life And Her Beautiful Wife.
Rich Lewis With Mountain Men Members. Picture Credit: Thecelebs.info

Talking about their journey, Diane keeps supporting Rich in every ups and downs of life. Undoubtedly, the bond between them is unconditional as there are no news of their divorce or separation so far. They don’t share any children together to date. But the important thing is they are not involved in any controversies yet. The couple is now living in Montana for more than 26 years and spending a blissful married life.


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