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Shauna Redford is significantly famous for being the daughter of veteran filmmaker Robert Redford. The daughter of filmmaker Redford is a grandmother now with her kids also getting married. Redford tied the knot with Eric Schlosser in 1985, and the couple still shared the same love for over three decades.

Did you know? Two years before her marriage to Eric, Redford’s boyfriend Sid Wells was shot and killed. It grabbed a lot of attention from the media, and even today, the killer is walking free. Read along as we explore her personal life.

Shauna Redford’s Married Life with Eric Schlosser

On October 5, 1985, Robert’s daughter married a famous journalist and author Eric Schlosser. Redford first met Eric via a mutual friend, and after that, the couple went out on a few dates. Their wedding was exceptionally extravagant, with celebrities attending the ceremony.

Shauna Redford (left) with her husband Eric Schlosser (right)
Shauna Redford (left) with her husband, Eric Schlosser (right)

However, not many details are revealed about the ceremony. Justice Michael D. Zimmerman officiated the wedding for the lovely couple, and the ceremony was held in Utah. The pair exchanged wedding vows before their family, friends, loved ones, and God.

From the wedding day, the couple experiences a profound love for each other. So far, there are no rumors and controversies surrounding their marital relationship. From their long marriage, thee pathes blessed with two children, one son and one daughter.

Shauna Redford’s Children

After six years of their marital relationship, the couple decided to expand their family tree. In January 1991, Redford gave birth to the pair’s first child Mica Schlosser. Mica is now 28-years-old. In the very next year, Redford gave birth to another child.

(From right to left) Shauna Redford, Mica Schlosser, and Eric Schlosser
(From right to left) Shauna Redford, Mica Schlosser, and Eric Schlosser

On July 29, 1992, the couple celebrated the blissful moment of the birth of their second child. Conor Schlosser graced the family with his arrival, and he is now 27-years-old.

Shauna Redford’s Personal Life

Born on November 15, 1960, she is one of the four children of Robert Redford and Lola Van Wagenen. Robert and Lola are now divorced, and Robert is currently married to Sibylle Szaggars.

Her other siblings, David James and Amy Redford, are all doing good in the entertainment industry. For some reason, she decided not to take up any role in the industry, and even today, she is not involved in any definite profession.

In her personal life, She faced trauma when she was 22-years-old. She studied at the University of Colorado, where she fell in love with a guy named Sid Wells. In 1983, Sid was found dead from a 20-gauge shotgun blast on his head. Shortly after that, Shauna dropped out of college, and two years later, she married Eric.

Shauna Redford and Sid Wells in the picture with Suspect Thayne Smika (in the black and white picture on the right side)
Shauna Redford and Sid Wells are in the picture with Suspect Thayne Smika (in the black and white image on the right side)

On the other hand, Wells’s mom is still looking for justice for her son. In an interview with CNN, she said,

“I don’t know that I’ll live long enough to see a resolution in this case, but I would hope that I can, and I’ve never given up hope”.

The cops issued an arrest warrant for a guy named Thayne Smika in 2010 but were still not caught.

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