Sophia Esperanza Relationship Status

Among thousands of celebrity who loves keeping their personal life to themselves, Sophia Esperanza is one. She likes to talk about her day to day routine and schedules with her fans but her personal life. Today we have brought you the details about such a secretive Esperanza.

The article includes everything about Sophia’s personal life and dating history. If you are one of her fans and want to know all the details about her personal life, we suggest you read the entire article. So, stay tuned to us until the end.

Who is Sophia Esperanza Dating?

Despite trying hard to keep her personal details at bay, we grabbed the details about her dating life. To spill the tea, Esperanza is currently dating a guy named Cole Hutzler. Her boyfriend Hutzler is also a model just like her.

The loving and caring couple has been enjoying their relationship since 2018, according to her Instagram posts from Sophia. The sweet partner rarely shares a picture with each other, but when they do, the couple makes sure they look really cute together. Last time on February 21, the Vina posted a picture with her boo and captioned a picture

Sophia Esperanza
Image; Sophia Esperanza with her boyfriend, Cole Hutzler Source: Instagram(@

Well. A 104 fever & an emergency trip to the ER. Vegas, it’s been fun! Thank you @palms#palms lv

Formerly known as Sophia Miacaco, she is lucky enough to get such an understanding and loving boyfriend in the form of the model. While Esperanza was going through the rough phase of her life, as many people speculated her to have plastic surgery, her boyfriend remained by her side like a pillar.

Are Sophia & Cole Hutzler Planning Getting Married?

Well, there is no doubt that the couple is dating each other and are far off of the rumors of cheating and scandals. However, the couple hasn’t yet decided to tie a knot. Both of them are very busy with their professional life and wants to focus on it for some given time.

Sophia Esperanza & Cole Hutzler
Image: Sophia Esperanza & Cole Hutzler 

The 5 feet 8 inches tall model is doing really well with her modeling and Youtuber career. So, as her boyfriend, who is doing really good in his modeling career. It seems their fans and admirers wait quite a while for them to see them with a wedding ring.

Sophia Esperanza’s Past Relationship

American internet personality changed her last name Miacova to Esperanza once dated the Vine Star Rory Westfield. The couple met first via Facebook. After knowing each other for a few months, the couple hit it off and started dating each other. However, the relationship was short-lived, and the couple soon broke up. The reason for their break up is still a mystery.

Image: Sophia Esperanza with her former Boyfriend, Rory Westfield Source: Briitwad

Miacova began dating Eli Wehbe after she broke up with Westfield. He is a Los Angeles businessman with a clothing business called Pink Dolphin and serves on other restaurant companies as well. As per some of the reports, the couple first came across each other via Instagram DMs. Yet, her second relationship also couldn’t survive the hard times.

Additionally, other than Rory and Eli, there are no details on her previous romantic relationship with the American model. Ever since the rise in her career, Sophia has earned a very good amount of money. To know Sophia from closure proximity follow her Instagram page.