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Social Activist, Candace Owens is keeping her boyfriend a secret for now. Owens grabbed a lot of attention from the media after her successful career. No wonder many people want to know more about her personal life.

Moreover, there is news about Candace getting engaged and soon going to be married. If you are curious to know who the lucky guy is? Stay with us as we explore more about her relationship status.

Candace Owens Boyfriend? Who is he?

The 29-years-old Owens is very good at keeping her personal profile away from the media. There is not much information regarding her relationship status but recently she spilled the beans about her boyfriend.

We kept searching about her boyfriend and on January 22, 2019, Owens posted herself who the lucky man is. On Instagram, Candace shared the love of her life and announced to the world how much she loves him. George Farmer is the man who managed to steal the heart of the social activist.

Candace Owens (left) with her boyfriend George Farmer (right).      Source: Instagram

Furthermore, in the post, Owens wrote a caption that says,

“I am madly and truly in love with George Farmer.”

Not just that, guys, Candace also spilled the beans about her getting married to her man. George is a professional golfer and comes from a well-to-do family. On 3rd February 2019, Owens mentioned about her wedding plans with her future husband.

Candace Owens’ Wedding Plans

A month after she announced the world about her future husband, Owens also revealed about her wedding plans. On 3rd February 2019, Owens posted a photo on her Instagram and wrote, “Wedding Plans”.

George Farmer (left) with his girlfriend Candace Owens (right).                Source: Pinterest

The 29-years-old is head over heels in love with her man and soon they will tie the wedding knot with each other. In an interview, Candace opened up about her partner and what does he do. Owens talked about how close she is with George’s family and spend a lot of time with each other.

Besides her personal life, Candace grabbed a lot of attention from the media after her work on Black Lives Matter. 

Rumors & Controversies with Candace Owens

In her personal life, Owens is not involved in any sort of rumors and controversies. But in Professional life, Owens grabbed media attention with her avid support of US President, Donald Trump. Her support of Donald Trump was faced with some criticism as well.

US President Donald Trump (left) with Candace Owens (right)

Not just that, Kanya West also mentioned her in his Tweet about how he liked her thinking. He wrote,

“I love the Way Candace Owens thinks.”

During her career, Owens talked about criticism of Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Party. Candace herself suffered from the hideous acts of racism when she was in school. Because of that Owens dropped out of school.

In addition to that, Owens advocated about ending all of the welfare programs. She reached into the conclusion that Climatic change is a lie. Because of her actions, Candace always gets into controversies.

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