Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska photos

Who is Lara Yunaska? Why is she residing in every lip of people nowadays? Well, the answer is simple. Lara Yunaska is the wife of Eric Trump and daughter in law of the current President of USA, Donald Trump.

Also, why people are interested to know about Eric Trump? Who is this notable individual? The reply is not that much complicated. Eric is the son of the running President of USA.

Now, it’s the time to give the facts that describe that relates the main idea of the topic. Lara Yunaska and Eric resemble the inspiring couple. They are comfortable with each other. Their married life is going well. The surprising context here is why the couple is living their married life very happily with knowing the facts that both are different in nature and mentality. They have different taste of loving animals. Eric stands for opposite with  Trump in this context. Lara loves animal but being different, Eric is passionate about hunting animals.


Different people will share different views, ideas and opinions on this. Let’s have a look at what the real scene is.

Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska photos
Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska photos

Throwing some lights on Eric and his love for Hunting Animals. The world has witnessed hunting wild animals in Africa which are regarded as endangered and rare animals. There is also a name in the hunter called Trump. There are lots of photos available on the internet posing with his kill like Cape Buffalo Bull, Cheetah,  Antelope, hanging Crocodile, Waterbuck, and dead Elephant tail.

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Despite the fact that Eric is uniformly under public criticism for his hunting, Eric is easily escaped as he is surviving under the aura of his father power.

Eric’s passion for hunting is great but it arises with a price. It charges more than $50k to shoot an elephant and $10k to hit big Cats. But the billionaire son can meet it without hesitation.

Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska and thier family
Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska and their family

What the public says when the media calls Eric as Philanthropist. Here is the fact that the public has to rewind on it. Being in the circle of public criticisms of being the hunter, Trump represents himself as co-founder of Eric Foundation established in 2006. You might accept it or not but the organization has already gathered more than $30 million in charity which straight assists St. Jude children’s hospital. So, Eric can take the step both as businessman and philanthropist. The public wonder if he grasps his father footsteps and enters politics straight.

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There is an opposite matter between husband and wife when there comes the topic about animals. Lara Yunaska Trump, unlike Eric, has the deep love for animals. She hates hunting animals. She’s been advocating and participating for animal rights. She’s also volunteered many animals preserves works like sheltering dog, rescuing animals and relocating animals.

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From above-mentioned facts, the matter has been clear like pure water with no contamination. this is a huge difference between Eric and Lara. But, one big clap for the couple, despite having opposite interest, they are going well and their love and married life too. Truly, they are inspiring couples for today’s generation.